Brisbane to join global March against Monsanto


March Against Monsanto Brisbane said that on May 25, hundreds of people will gather to protest as part of a global day of action for “March Against Monsanto”. The global event is being held in more than 49 countries with more than 370 events and 2 million people marching worldwide.

The Brisbane assembly will start at 2:00pm at Reddacliff Place, Brisbane Square and will feature Rachael Jacobs, Greens candidate for the federal electorate of Brisbane, Robert Peakham, Executive Director of Food Connect Brisbane, and Kat Skull from Bee One Third on the impact of GMO’s on Bees.

Sarah Saunders, an organiser of the event, said she was inspired to lead the march as “to help protect the future health and food supply for my children. The long term health effects of GMO's are up for debate and I would rather my children not be science experiments". (The full March Against Monsanto mission statement can be read here).

Dr Kees Hulsman, researcher from the School of Environment at Griffith University says GMO foods “move us further away from sustainable agriculture, and that worries me. We need to become an ecologically sustainable society”. Dr Hulsman will also be speaking at the event on the impact of GMO foods on biodiversity and ecological sustainability.

Partners facilitating the organizing of March Against Monsanto Brisbane include the Queensland Greens Party and DWO News. Other sponsors include Brisbane Food Connect. Visit the official website for the global March Against Monsanto for more information.