Abolish the Organization of American States

Photo: Rachel Evans

Members of Sydney’s Latin American community want the Organization of American States general secretary Luis Almagro prosecuted and the regional body abolished.

A protest was organised by the Association for Human Rights in Bolivia (AHRB) as part of this campaign near Circular Quay in Sydney on April 24.

AHRB spokesperson Juan Carlos Borda read a declaration citing Almagro and the OAS’ role in the 2019 coup against Bolivia’s elected president Evo Morales as a reason for him to stand trial.

Despite the lack of credible evidence, Almagro and the OAS claimed fraud in the October 2019 presidential election won by Morales. These claims were used by the opposition and military to carry out a coup and, subsequently, massacres in which dozens were killed.

Morales’ Movement Towards Socialism won last October’s presidential elections, after protests forced the coup government to allow Bolivians to return to the polls.