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Irish singer Sinead O’Connor has joined the growing list of artists who respect the global boycott, divestment and sanctions campaign to isolate Israel, cancelling a show in Israel scheduled for September 11.
“You may write me down in history With your bitter, twisted lies, You may tread me in the very dirt But still, like dust, I’ll rise.” So wrote Maya Angelou, in her poem “Still I Rise”. She died on May 28 at 86 at her home in North Carolina. In remembering Maya Angelou, it is important to recall her commitment to the struggle for equality, not just for herself, or for women, or for African-Americans. She was committed to peace and justice for all.
Fuck Tony Fuckin’ Abbott After the revolution The solution Abbott made to stand down Send him to Hanover down town Spend a term there Maybe then he’ll care Fuck Tony Fuckin’ Abbott Let the boats in, I say Don’t turn em’ away The politician’s oversight Illegals – no Declaration of Human Rights That’s the UN Say it once again Fuck Tony Fuckin’ Abbott People waiting in dole queues He’s giving me the blues Mental illness is rife Due partly to his strife Fuck Tony Fuckin’ Abbott When it comes to the end

@Resistance Centre - Green Left Weekly, 22 Mountain Street Ultimo, Sydney, Australia 2007

Join us for another special evening of poetry and performance that celebrates struggle and resistance! With the talent of Aboriginal warrior Elizabeth Jarrett and drumming and poetic legend Gabrielle Jones and many more inspiring acts. Call 0403 517 266 to offer your poetic prowess of find out more information 

Tasty meal available. Entry: $7 concession, $12 waged, $20 solidarity. All funds go towards peoples power media Green Left Weekly



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