Millionaires' Picnic

April 30, 2018

(To the tune of Teddy Bears' Picnic)

If you go up to the Senate today
You’ll surely feel no surprise
If you go up to the Senate today
You’ll scarcely need a disguise

For every tycoon who ever there was
Is rejoicing there for certain becos
Today’s the day they’re getting their tax cut….

A party day for millionaires
They’re having a lovely time today,
It hardly took them unawares
It’s been planned since election day.

They’re always hating to pay their taxes,
And telling Malcolm to take the axes
To mythical “welfare cheats”
Who cares a bit if the budget is blown
By tax cuts leaving the rich alone
As long as they get their sweets

The political leaders in their pockets
Have promised them lovely diamonds and lockets
At least metaphorically
They laughed so much and they gloated
But somebody voted and spoiled it all, you see.

Ev’ry firm that avoids its dues
Is wanting a treat today
But doubting senators, I fear
Just now have something to say
For alas two nasty trolls
Have voted the other way.

So if you go up to the Senate today
You’d better not go alone
It’s lovely up in the Senate today
But better to stay at home,
For ev’ry rich man who’s promised the earth
Won’t enjoy your loud and raucous mirth
At the millionaires’ lost picnic…..

But have no fear, they’ll try again
For money and stocks and shares
Are central to their cares.
They’ll cry and scream and bawl and shout
Using all their political clout,
Cos they’re greedy little millionaires.

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