Back to the (white) past

Immigration minister Peter Dutton wants to take the country back to the days of White Australia.

Peter Dutton’s talking to the gun lobby,
Cos that’s the kind of thing he does.
After all, it’s just a harmless hobby,
Giving macho men a lovely buzz.

And now he’s desirous of importing
Some macho men from far away,
He has great experience in sorting
Who should be blocked and who should stay.

He has such sympathy for the oppressed
If their credentials are just right.
In this case, he’s mightily impressed
By gun users who by chance are white.

They’re being mistreated by their own regime
Dominated by strange dark men,
Ideal African refugees, I deem,
He’ll say it again and again.

Now, other Africans who fled in fear
He’ll say with no hint of remorse,
Are undesirables. If allowed here
They’d join African gangs, of course.

So those Africans in the Pacific,
(Real refugees, says the UN)
Mouldering in conditions horrific,
Are plainly not our kind of men.

They no doubt wouldn’t pass the language test,
(Of university standard),
To be brought in soon at Dutton’s behest,
Like the ‘50s tests demanded.

Our security czar, having a blast,
Seeks white farmers, inter alia,
In a reversion to the distant past,
Let’s go back to White Australia!

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