Stories from Green Left News Podcast 29

RAFFWU members on strike in Meanjin/Brisbane on October 7

Workers at Coles and Woolworths supermarkets have ramped up their campaign for a living wage, secure jobs and safe workplaces with a Christmas #Superstrike. Isaac Nellist reports. 

The National Union of Students unanimously voted to stand in solidarity with Palestine at its 2023 National Conference. Simone Maddison reports.

Sit-down protest in Meanjin/Brisbane on December 17

Protesters were not deterred by Christmas distractions, summer heat or the long overdue Australian vote at the United Nations to join weekend protests for a genuine ceasefire in Gaza. Alex Bainbridge reports.

A delegation of peace builders who wanted to question Thales’ links to Israel’s genocide in Palestine was denied entry to the weapons manufacturer’s office. Stephen W Enciso reports.

woman making a peace sign with both hands

The presence of the Basij militia of the Revolutionary Guards and other security agencies has turned Iran's universities into barracks, writes Mohammad Sadeghpour.

A residents' initiative led to the City of Sydney Council passing a ceasefire motion at its last meeting of the year. Peter Boyle reports.

Twenty one housing justice groups, from across the country, organised a national “Housing is a Human Right” day of action, coinciding with International Human Rights Day. Rachel Evans reports.

Queer activists called on Mardi Gras to stand with the grassroots movements for queer and trans rights because attacks on the queer community had been unrelenting. Jesse Holly and Rachel Evans report.

Parts of NSW’s harsh anti-protest laws have been declared unconstitutional by the NSW Supreme Court. Jim McIlroy reports.

A vigil outside City Hall drew more than 70 people to protest the council’s refusal to discuss a motion calling for a ceasefire. Sue Bull reports.

people holding signs and banners

The COP28 climate summit in Dubai ended with an agreement that, for the first time, explicitly endorsed a move away from fossil fuels, but is so full of loopholes that the fossil fuel industry will be allowed to persist and thrive, reports Jake Johnson.

COP28 protest in Sydney for climate action

Expectations were never high for COP28, but as the climate deniers have managed to subvert the summit’s goals, Alex Bainbridge argues Australia must set its own climate transition plan.