Photos: Rally to support anti-racist activist Jafri

At 5pm on September 23 anti-racism activist Jafri was attacked, pepper sprayed and detained without provocation by Victoria police while holding up his "Stop Racism Now" sign — as he has done for years at Flinders St Station. During the arrest Jafri was not given access to legal or medical support. 

In a show of support, hundreds of protesters gathered at the Flinders St intersection on September 24, demanding accountability from Victoria Police and protesting police violence.

Before following Jafri to occupy the busy intersection between Flinders and Swanston streets where Jafri was attacked, the activists demanded that Victoria police publicly apologise for their actions.

Dilmen Ramadan, the Green Left Weekly journalist who filmed the attack told the rally that the police officer who sprayed Jafri should be sacked.

Musician and activist Les Thomas called for police to be banned from using pepper spray.

Jafri thanked those who rallied and said he will return to the streets of Melbourne this week.

Photos by Alison Eldridge