Venezuela offers SYRIZA 'complete solidarity and support'

SYRIZA supporters rally in Athens on January 22, there days before the radical left party won national elections. Photo by Vivia

The Venezuelan government has congratulated Alexis Tsipras, the leader of the left-wing Syriza party, who won a huge victory in Greece's parliamentary elections on January 25. Tsipras has been inaugurated as the country's prime minister.

A Venezuelan government statement said: “Venezuela warmly congratulates the Syriza coalition party and Alexis Tsipras for their historic victory, wishing them success and complete solidarity and support.”

Venezuelan communities minister Elias Jaua tweeted: “The Greek people, after a long and historic battle against neoliberalism, has crowned itself a wonderful victory. Syriza is fresh air for Europe!”

The party won just over 36% of the vote, securing 149 parliamentary seats. The party needed 151 seats for a clear majority and has formed a coalition. Syriza's focus is the reversal of austerity that it says has substantially damaged the Greek economy and living standards and its victory has been welcomed by progressive movements worldwide.


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