PHOTOS: Protests target Hungry Jack’s for low wages, union-busting

Young workers and activists staged pickets outside Hungry Jack's restuarants around Australia on August 31, in solidarity with workers in New Zealand facing a “vicious anti-union rampage”. Actions were held in Adelaide, Brisbane, Perth, Hobart, Melbourne and Sydney.

Its counterpart Burger King in New Zealand pays staff the lowest wages of the big fast food companies and workers who join a union to push for better pay and conditions are emotionally and financially intimidated.

The events were initiated and organised by youth socialist organisation Resistance, which said: “We think this that these attacks on workers rights … are reprehensible. Each year [Hungry Jack's] made hundreds of millions of dollars profit on the back of the hard work of mainly migrant or student workers. Those workers deserve better.”

Melbourne photos by Ali Bakhtiarvandi