Issue 92


Meeting supports public transport By Alex Cooper MELBOURNE — At its peak the smog in Melbourne is equal to that in New York, according to Dr Graeme Lorimer, an environment specialist. Addressing a meeting of 250 people at the Melbourne
By Sean Malloy The release of February labour force figures on March 11 showed unemployment still rising. The Australian Bureau of Statistics put the seasonally adjusted figure at 11.1%. This was a rise of .1% on the January figure, which the
By Peter Boyle and Steve Robson The decline in the third party, and especially Democrat, votes in the federal election, compared to 1990, can be expected to renew the pressures for merger between the Democrats and Bob Brown's Australian
Kenan denied legal aid on assault charge By Peter McGregor The case of Sean Kenan is due to come before the ACT Supreme Court on March 17. Sean was arrested at the anti-Aidex demonstrations in Canberra in November 1991 and charged
By Sue Humphries WOLLONGONG — Wollongong Resistance had no hesitation in recommending that young people vote for Greens or the Democratic Socialists in last weekend's federal election. This recommendation was announced at a
Abortion picket marks IWD By Freya Pinney BRISBANE — "This demonstrates how so-called pro-lifers value only the life of the foetus and devalue the lives of health workers and women", said Mary Barram, spokesperson for the Women's
MELBOURNE — Young people lined up to "limbo" under a symbolic "poverty line" at a special street theatre organised by the youth group Resistance in Bourke Street Mall on March 10. Paul Keating and John Hewson, in full electioneering mode, kept
Black deaths protest By Sean Pybus HOBART — Groups including Support for Aboriginal Rights Tasmania (SART) gathered on March 2 at the opening ceremony of the state parliament. SART had planned a three-day vigil to pressure the
Parties speak on women's issues By Alison Dellit ADELAIDE — About 50 people packed into the Talbot Hotel on the night of March 10 for a meeting, organised by the Democratic Socialists, to hear and question representatives from the Labor
'Voters reject GST, anti-union laws' By Bill Mason BRISBANE — "In a highly polarised election, the Australian people have thrown out the GST, the threat to Medicare and the Coalition's anti-union laws", the Democratic Socialist
Goss overrides casino protests By Bill Mason BRISBANE — The Goss government is pushing ahead with the controversial Treasury Building casino project, despite Queensland Heritage Council and public rejection of the development. The
Youth report 'misses the mark' By Sean Malloy A recent report titled A Living Wage by the Australian Youth Policy and Action Coalition and State and Territory Youth Affairs Councils and Networks (STYACN) has angered young people in its


By Irina Glushchenko MOSCOW — When perestroika began, the environmental movement in the USSR grew strongly. But the movement has tended to die away as anger at the damage wrought by the old order was swamped by the difficulties of surviving
Rubbery figures LONDON — It has been revealed in an internal British Labour Party document, leaked to the media, that financial membership, contrary to public pronouncements of 280,000, really stands at less than 90,000. Further, there has
Cuba solidarity conference in Mexico Ciudad Juarez — Cuba solidarity groups from Mexico, the USA and Canada are planning a new drive to send $180,000 of donations to Cuba. The decision came out of a trilateral solidarity conference held in
By Stephen Marks MANAGUA — The names of Juan Dávila, Xiomara and Alma Nubia will never be registered in any US State Department "Human Rights Reports". Juan Dávila was shot in the chest by recontras when he answered a late night
By Nick Johnson PHNOM PENH — The United Nations Transitional Authority in Cambodia (UNTAC) recently made public the presence in Cambodia of three former Vietnamese soldiers. One is an ethnic Khmer from southern Vietnam now in the Cambodian
By Renfrey Clarke MOSCOW — Antinuclear activists in Russia plan a vigorous campaign against a new government program which would increase sharply the number of nuclear power reactors operating on Russian territory. The government's plans
Students arrested as Suharto accepts Try Forty students demonstrated outside the Indonesian parliament on March 10 to protest against the nomination and election of ex-general Suharto as president. The demonstrators, carrying placards
South Korean socialist jailed Ilbung Choe, a South Korean socialist, publisher and political prisoner since October 1992, was not among thousands of people granted amnesty by the South Korean government last month. Choe, who had published
By Greg Peters STOCKHOLM — The Swedish government has landed in one of its biggest crises to date with plans to build a permanent road and rail link over the resund to Denmark. This engineering monsterpiece, intended as a symbol of new and
Greenhouse over Sweden By Greg Peters STOCKHOLM — A series of dramatic shipping accidents and near misses has occurred in the Baltic region since the Shetlands disaster. It is apparent that the north European transport infrastructure
Indonesia defeated over East Timor at UN The Indonesian government suffered a major defeat at the United Nations Human Rights Commission in Geneva on March 11, as 22 member states voted in favour of a resolution on East Timor. The
Vietnamese statement The Vietnamese Foreign Ministry replied promptly to the charges regarding the three former Vietnamese soldiers. A spokesperson said that "UNTAC itself and Prince Norodom Sihanouk himself have more than once confirmed


Women in prison Convicted SBS documentary in the Cutting Edge series Tuesday, March 23, 8.30 p.m. (8 p.m. in Adelaide) Reviewed by Kath Tucker "When you imprison a woman, you imprison her children." Eighty per cent of women in
By Max Lane A recent Newsweek poll found that 84% of African-Americans between the ages of 15 and 24 consider Malcolm X a hero. Spike Lee's film is obviously meant to reinforce this view. In too many ways, however, it fails. Most radical
Of Mice and Men Screenplay by Horton Foote Based on the novel John Steinbeck Directed by Gary Sinese With Gary Sinese, John Malkovich, Sherilyn Fenn, Ray Walston, Joe Morton At Greater Union Pitt St, Sydney Reviewed by Max Lane A
By Dave Riley The youth radicalisation that swept the world in the '60s bore with it a confidence and an experimental imagination that invigorated all areas of creativity. This was especially true of theatre. The staid old forms were found
A world of facts Third World Guide 1993/94 Instituto del Tercer Mundo 631 pp. $60. Reviewed by Sean Malloy "The World as seen by the Third World" notes the Third World Guide on the cover. The Third World Guide was first published
Handy reference on Indonesia A Dictionary of Indonesian History Since 1900 By G. B. Clancy Sydney: Sunda Publications. 236 pp. $15.00 Reviewed by Max Lane This is a modest but quite good publication. It will be particularly useful
Two Interpretations From Central Park By Graeme Merry Visions and Voices Publications Reviewed by Peter Salisbury It will probably not be very long before the death of poetry is announced, in the same way as the death of the novel was
Hoffa Written by David Mamet Directed by Danny DeVito With Jack Nicholson, Danny DeVito, Armand Assante Showing in Hoyts city and suburban cinemas Reviewed by Max Lane Hoffa is a disappointing film — annoyingly so, given the
Brain Sex SBS Television March 21, 7.30 p.m. Reviewed by Karen Fredericks The differences between men's and women's brains are the ostensible subject of the three-part documentary Brain Sex, screened by SBS over the last two Sunday


Korea and the bomb The North Korean government last week withdrew from the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty. The decision follows a publicity campaign by the United States claiming that North Korea is developing or has already built an atomic