Issue 440


BY ANDY GIANNIOTIS SYDNEY — Paint company Mirotone has extended the lockout of its Queensland and NSW work force for another fortnight in an increasingly bitter campaign to break the 35-hour week and force workers out of the union and onto
  Photo by Gail Lord. On March 7 bus loads of members of the Worker Communist Party of Iraq, the Worker Communist Party of Iran and their supporters held demonstrations outside the Iraqi and Iranian embassies in Canberra. The
BY TOM FLANAGAN SYDNEY — The case of eight stonemasons, who were kept in a barbed wire enclosure and paid $145 a month, has highlighted the exploitation of foreign workers in Australia. The stonemasons were brought to Australia from India as
BY JACKIE LYNCH& AMANDA PEARSON MELBOURNE — Fifty members and supporters of the Democratic Socialist Party and Resistance celebrated the opening of the DSP Melbourne northeast branch's new Resistance Centre on busy High Street, Northcote, on
BY SEAN WALSH MELBOURNE — The Port Phillip Action Group got more than they bargained for on February 25, when its "Resident Street Walk Against Street Prostitution and Drugs" through the streets of seaside St Kilda was met with 50
BY JOHN NEBAUER ADELAIDE — Five hundred construction workers marched on the offices of state workplace relations minister Robert Lawson here on March 8, angry that five of their colleagues have been killed on Adelaide building sites already this
BY TONY ILTIS MELBOURNE — Two hundred and fifty people packed Trades Hall on March 8 to discuss the struggle of the Latrobe Valley power workers against attempts by Yallourn Energy and other privatised electricity corporations to slash jobs,
BY BILL MASON BRISBANE — BHP Coal's head office here faces a protest by anti-corporate activists on March 16, who will act in solidarity with the struggle by BHP coalminers in central Queensland. As part of a campaign to expose "corporate
Resistance high school students' magazine focuses on M1 DARWIN — Following a successful first edition of Student Underground, which contained news on local International Women's Day events and East Timor solidarity, Resistance members here are
Thousands of women and men turned out for International Women's Day rallies and marches around Australia last week. From Sydney, Lisa Macdonald reports that more than 3000 people wound their way through the city centre on the morning of March 10
BY ANTHEA STUTTER HOBART — The announcement on the eve of International Women's Day that the Women's Health Foundation (Abortion Clinic) will be closing has raised questions about the ongoing access of women in Tasmania to necessary health care.
BY DOD ROSHANBIN BRISBANE — Ross Daniels of Amnesty International told a public meeting here on March 1 that a 200-inmate immigration detention centre is planned for a yet to be revealed Brisbane site. Daniels also said that the federal ALP's
BY JACQUI THOMAS & SAM KING ADELAIDE — High school students have defied an attempt to prevent them attending a demonstration during school hours against One Nation leader Pauline Hanson. While one student, Resistance member Jess Griffin,
BY GRAHAM MATTHEWS MELBOURNE — Representatives of the International Socialist Organisation, Democratic Socialist Party, Freedom Socialist Party, Workers' Liberty, Workers' Power, Socialist Democracy, the Progressive Labor Party and the Worker
CFMEU secures workers entitlements SYDNEY — Sub-contractors working on luxury units at a Newport marina will be paid their entitlements despite their employer, Horvat Construction, leaving unpaid debts after going into voluntary liquidation.


Various left forces and progressive activists in India are planning to launch a National Campaign Against Globalisation in New Delhi on March 21-23. An appeal for attendance at a conference, to be held over the three days to coincide the launch,
BY EVA CHENG The world's automobile industry is headed for big trouble again. Having triggered each of the eight recessions in the United States since the second world war, the US auto industry is plagued once again by a crisis of
BY NORM DIXON Following the lead of Brazil and South Africa, Kenya announced on March 6 that it plans to relax its patent laws to enable its population to buy cheaper drugs to fight HIV/AIDS. Health minister Sam Ongeri said he would introduce a
BY ALISON DELLIT "In all that we do, we will honour our obligation to provide protection for those fleeing persecution. We must not allow such tragic loss of life to continue." With this blatant lie British Prime Minister Tony Blair and Italian
BY IGGY KIM PARIS — A delegation from the Daewoo Workers' Joint Struggle Committee arrived here on February 23 to internationalise their current struggle against the bankrupt South Korean automobile manufacturer. The delegation is made up of Yu
BY PETER GELLERT MEXICO CITY — The Zapatista National Liberation Army (EZLN) is marching on Mexico City to publicise the plight of Mexico's indigenous peoples and to press its demand for adoption of the San Andres peace accords to put an end to
BY CHRIS LATHAM & PIP HINMAN On February 20 the "cease-fire" between the Free Aceh Movement (GAM) and the Indonesian military (TNI) was extended for the third time since the so-called humanitarian pause in 2000. These declarations mean nothing,
SAN FRANCISCO — The richest US citizens are paying a declining share of their income even as their incomes grow more rapidly than everyone else's does. Yet President George W. Bush announced a budget that includes a tax cut proposal that will give
BY VANYA TANAJA DILI — The "Draft Regulation on the Election of a Constituent Assembly to draft the Constitution of an Independent and Democratic East Timor" was presented to East Timor's National Council by the United Nations Transitional
BY EVA CHENG In the face of rising police violence backed by the Hindu fundamentalist-dominated state government in Jharkhand, India's newest state which came into existence only in November, the Communist Party of India (Marxist-Leninist) led a
BY EVA CHENG Canadian police have launched a ferocious campaign to discredit, intimidate and, they no doubt hope, scare off would-be protesters from the April 20-22 Summit of the Americas (SoA) in Quebec City. Leaders from 34 countries of the


The Bogus WomanBy Kay AdsheadPerformer: Noma DumezweniBush Theatre, London REVIEW BY JONATHAN STRAUSS Detention of refugees, and their resistance to the inhumane situation in which this places them, is not confined to Australia. England also has
REVIEW BY PHIL SHANNON Vietnam and Other American FantasiesBy H. Bruce FranklinUniversity of Massachusetts Press, 2000256 pp, $59.95 (hb) Elvis is alive and living in Los Angeles. Our planet is regularly visited by extraterrestrial beings who
Globalisation Unplugged: A compilation of 3CR's S11 coverageProduced by Rachel Maher and Juliet Fox$20 Available from 3CRPh: (03) 9419 8377Email: <>PO Box 1277,Collingwood Vic 3066 REVIEWED BY SUSAN PRICE The


BY KEARA COURTNEY CANBERRA — The capitalist system wasn't unable to meet the needs of the majority of people, it was unwilling to, the Democratic Socialist Party's Max Lane told a forum held at the Australian National University here on March 7.
BY LISA MACDONALD SYDNEY — In what will be the broadest left conference held in this city for many years, activists from the growing anti-corporate movement and a wide range of local campaigns will gather at the University of Technology's Markets
BY ZANNY BEGG SYDNEY — Fred Nile's prayers for rain may have been answered but his prayers to halt this year's Mardi Gras were not. Between 400,000 and 500,000 people lined Oxford Street to watch the annual Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras parade.
BY STUART MUNCKTON CANBERRA — After much debate over some months, the M1 Alliance here has decided to organise a peaceful blockade outside Mining Industry House, rather than join the blockade at the Sydney stock exchange. The decision was taken
BY GRANT COLEMAN PERTH — Resistance is urging high school students here to strike from 8.30am on May 1 and join the blockade of this city's stock exchange in protest at corporate globalisation. Amie Hamilton, a Resistance member and high school
BY BEA BREAR HOBART — Activists on the University of Tasmania's Hobart campus launched their campaign to encourage students to participate in the May 1 strike against corporate tyranny at a media conference here on March 8, announcing that they
ADELAIDE — McDonald's decision to sponsor this year's Clean Up Australia Day came under attack here on March 4, when 30 people protested outside the multinational's Rundle Mall store in protest at its hypocrisy. Representatives of the S11
BY NICK EVERETT SYDNEY — M1 Sydney's plans for a blockade of the city's financial district on May 1 took a significant step forward on March 8 with a successful media launch outside the Australian Stock Exchange's Bridge Street offices. Two