Issue 416


Supporters mobilise for Tent Embassy
SYDNEY — Following reports that police were about to evict Aboriginal protesters from Victoria Park and close the Aboriginal Tent Embassy there, 150 supporters quickly gathered on August 11.

Marxism on main street
NEWCASTLE — Resistance and the Democratic Socialist Party have officially opened their new office and bookshop here. Located in Newcastle's main street, at 472 Hunter Street, the building is close to City

Greenhouse blues
A report released by the Australian Greenhouse Office in July shows that Australia's greenhouse gas emissions jumped by 16.9% in the eight years to 1998. Under the Kyoto Summit commitments, Australia is supposed to

No solution can come from elite, meeting told
BRISBANE — The crisis in Indonesia cannot be solved by "shifting deck chairs on the Titanic", the national coordinator of Action in Solidarity with Indonesia and East Timor

Bondi speak-out on Olympic deceit
SYDNEY — Riding the wave of protest against the volleyball stadium on Bondi Beach and against the numerous evictions imposed by profiteering property owners in the area, a lively speak-out

SYDNEY — With no media attention or public discussion, the federal Coalition government is using the Olympics to justify sweeping new powers which allow the military to suppress domestic unrest in Australia. Under the pretext of

ALP waters down native title policy
At its national conference in Hobart, the Australian Labor Party quietly discarded its commitment to the right of native titleholders to negotiate at the exploration stage of mineral projects

SYDNEY — Thirty students from the University of Technology, Sydney were arrested and charged on August 9 after occupying the acting vice-chancellor's office. They were protesting University Council's rejection of official UTS

Leaflet writer paid $2640 by Centrelink
ADELAIDE — The Social Security Appeals Tribunal has ordered Centrelink to put Norm Barber back on the dole and pay him $2640. Centrelink had cancelled Barber's Newstart payments on March 30 after accusing

FREMANTLE — A new Resistance Centre has opened its doors in this Western Australian port city. The office is the culmination of many months of concerted effort by members of the Democratic Socialist Party and Resistance. Although

Refugee forced into prostitution
A Colombian asylum seeker, who was forced into prostitution in Australia, has been refused a protection visa by the Refugee Review Tribunal. She may now be forcibly returned to her home country,


CUBA: Che photographer to sue
The man who took the photograph which turned Ernesto "Che" Guevara into an icon is planning to sue Smirnoff for demeaning the revolutionary's memory by using the photo to advertise its new, "spicy"

UNITED STATES: Anti-corporate activists go cross-country
Fresh from protests against the Republican convention in Philadelphia, a coalition of pro-democracy groups set out cross-country on August 8 to share their message with unions and the rest of

Pro-Jakarta militia operating out of refugee camps and other bases in West Timor show no sign of scaling down their attacks upon refugees or United Nations soldiers and humanitarian staff. The increasing number of clashes between the militia and UN

Shell chief to head renewable energy task force
The chairperson of oil giant Royal Dutch Shell has been chosen to co-chair a new global task force on renewable energy. At its July summit in Okinawa, the G8 (group of eight rich,

On July 21, the armed forces of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK), which rules Iraqi Kurdistan with the Kurdistan Democratic Party, under the protection of United States imperialism, forcibly closed the offices of the Independent Women's

UNITED STATES: Greenpeace occupies Arctic-bound barge
Greenpeace activists in Alaska have occupied a massive barge carrying equipment bound for oil giant BP's Northstar development, a controversial artificial drilling island

INDONESIA: Dita Sari: new labour regulations inadequate
On July 10, a new labour rights bill was unanimously passed by the Indonesian House of Representatives. It still requires President Abdurrahman Wahid's approval to become law. The Indonesian

CISLAC campaigns against US aid
As US interference in Colombia has increased, now including a massive aid package to the Colombian military, Committees In Solidarity with Latin America and the Caribbean (CISLAC) made the decision at its June

UNITED STATES: 'The poor will not be disappeared'
PHILADELPHIA — While the smug elite of the US Republican Party gathered here in plush hotels and a huge new convention centre to celebrate their wealth and to anoint two rich white men to lead

Earlier this summer, a comprehensive school student from the north-east was refused a place at Oxford University, despite having exceptionally high examination grades. The Labour Party, in a populist outburst which even by their standards of cynicism

PAKISTAN: 'No more Hiroshimas'
LAHORE — A seminar on the theme "No More Hiroshimas" was organised jointly by Lahore Peace Forum and Joint Action Committee for Peoples Rights on August 6 at Lahore Press Club. Despite severe rain, more than 200

Kim appoints investigation panel
SEOUL — South Korea's President Kim Dae-Jung appointed a human rights investigation panel to investigate repression of the pro-democracy movement by previous military dictatorships and decide on compensation.

ITALY: Appeals to release Chilean dissident
Chilean leftists and indigenous activists have called for international help to force the Italian government to free Jaime Yovanovic, who is being held awaiting extradition back to his

Hypocrisy, Republican style
SAN FRANCISCO — The four-day Republican Party convention finally came to an end on August 4 with the formal nomination of Texas Governor George W. ("Dubya") Bush, as the party's presidential candidate in November.

After months of delays, false starts and a performance to rival Christopher Skase's "Now I'm sick, now I'm not", former president Suharto is finally to stand trial for embezzlement of Indonesian state funds. On August 3, the 79-year-old Suharto was

Over the last week, Indonesian students have been demonstrating almost
daily in front of the central Jakarta home of the former Indonesian dictator
Suharto. They are calling for Suharto — who was formally charged with
embezzling state funds

Fiji: Why Canberra is soft on military rule
The Australian government's expressions of delight and relief at the Fiji military's arrest of coup leader George Speight and hundreds of his supporters on July 26-27 signalled to the military brass that

Colombia: US aid package for murderous military
US President Bill Clinton on July 13 signed into law a massive aid package for the Colombian government. Approximately 80% of the US$1.3 billion has been allocated to Colombia's security forces in the

AUSTRIA: Peak union plays dead
Austrian peak union plays dead
GRAZ, Austria — At a recent government-organised summit, it was proclaimed that the European Union target of a zero budget deficit could be reached only through joint national

RACE AND CLASS IN THE UNITED STATES: Ralph Nader: 'Freedom is participation in power'
SAN FRANCISCO — "Freedom is participation in power", Ralph Nader, US Green Party candidate for president, told delegates to the July national convention of the

PACIFIC: US military a 'toxic criminal'
SAIPAN, CNMI — Greenpeace has declared the United States government a toxic criminal for using the Pacific as a dumping ground for its poisons. Greenpeace and Tanapag villagers have re-fenced and signposted


The law is an ass
The Howard government will gain only limited comfort from the August 11 ruling in Darwin Federal Court by Justice Maurice O'Loughlin.
In dismissing the suit of Lorna Cubillo and Peter Gunner, two representatives of the


Rod Quantock to host McDebate
MELBOURNE — Some of the world's best minds and sharpest wits will grapple with the crucial issue of our time here on August 25, when they debate "Whether McDonald's should run the World Bank".

Every time the death knell tolls for some factory or industry in the old industrial towns of the advanced industrial world, the workers involved are torn between three basically irreconcilable reactions. The first is to fight for

S11: high school activists debate tactics
MELBOURNE — Beginning September 11, this city will experience a myriad of anti-World Economic Forum (WEF) actions. There is a lot of discussion and debate about how to coordinate and

SYDNEY — Indonesian union leader Romawaty Sinaga, of the the Indonesian National Front for Labour Struggle (FNPBI), and Francisco Pascual, of the Philippine People's Development Resource Centre, are the two international guest

BRISBANE — "The demonstrations in Seattle have opened a significant crack in the ideological stronghold of the international financial institutions", said Max Lane, addressing a public meeting of more than 100 sponsored by the

S11 activists targets Mcdonald's

ADELAIDE — Thirty people demonstrated outside McDonald's in the Rundle Mall here on August 4 to protest against the multinational's attacks on the environment, underdeveloped nations and workers' rights. The

S11 Alliance calls for trade union support
MELBOURNE — The S11 Alliance has issued a call for trade unionists to support the non-violent three-day blockade of the World Economic Forum's summit at the Crown Casino beginning


[This week's Life of Riley column defers to this profile of one of the great puppeteers of our time. Gepeto was among 280 protestors arrested by police outside the US Republican Party convention in Philadelphia last week. — Dave Riley.]

Defiant history of workers' theatre movement
Defiance: Political Theatre in Brisbane 1930-1962By Connie HealyBoombana Publications$21.90, 256 pp REVIEW BY DAVE RILEY
This may seem like an obscure subject. Who nowadays is interested in theatre

Progressive TV alive and well in Melbourne
MELBOURNE — If the elite corporate current affairs dross is still driving you up the wall, then relax, comrades, for relief is at hand. Melbourne independent community television

'We were our own censors'
The First Casualty: The War Correspondent as Hero and Myth-Maker from the Crimea to KosovoBy Phillip KnightlyPrion, 2000574pp., $35 (pb) REVIEW BY PHIL SHANNON
When Sir Arthur Conan Doyle was in South Africa to report on