Issue 284


By Sam Wainwright BRISBANE — On July 28, the Anti-Racist Campaign (ARC) adopted a set of aims and objectives which included: "In its campaign against racism ARC will attempt to build actions that challenge the basis for racist ideas and
Join the Frankston protest against One Nation The Campaign Against Racism has called a protest rally outside the Frankston launch of Pauline Hanson's One Nation party on Wednesday, August 6 at 6.30pm, Mechanics Institute Hall, Nepean Highway
By Leslie Williams Yet another government anti-worker bill is to go before the next Senate sitting. Industrial relations minister Peter Reith's amendments to the Commonwealth Safety, Rehabilitation and Compensation (SRC) Act are aimed at
By Tony Lim BRISBANE — On July 29, the Ipswich City Council banned the use of council facilities by the racist Pauline Hanson's One Nation party. The next day Brisbane Lord Mayor Jim Soorley said he fully supported Ipswich council's decision
Campaign Against Racism debates strategy By Shane Bentley SYDNEY — Around 60 people attended the July 29 Campaign against Racism (CAR) organising meeting held at Trades Hall. The main issue discussed was how to respond to any Hanson or
By Becky Ellis The NSW Teachers' Federation lifted its ban on skills tests after its executive voted on August 1 to accept an agreement with the Department of Education. The skills tests, taken each year by 120,000 students in years three and
Youth Against Racism launched By Simon Frew WOLLONGONG — On July 26, Youth Against Racism held its first meeting. YAR was initiated by Resistance as a broad coalition to combat the formation of Pauline Hanson's One Nation youth group. The
By Michael Bramwell PERTH — According to an Equal Opportunity Tribunal (EOT) decision on July 25, the eviction of the Aboriginal Martin family by WA state housing agency "Homeswest" was not a case of racial victimisation. A look at the facts
By Tim Walgers and Chris Dawson Around 200 people attended a rally to protest the launching of Pauline Hanson's One Nation party in Toowoomba on July 27. The lively demonstration, organised by the Brisbane and Toowoomba Anti-Racist Campaigns,
By Sean Martin-Iverson PERTH — Westrail plans spend $3 million on a campaign against a small group of Aboriginal youths accused of terrorising people on Perth trains. It will increase the number of special train constables from 87 to 107 and
Big demonstration against Holsworthy airport By Simon Frew WOLLONGONG — Twenty thousand people rallied on July 27 against the construction of Sydney's second airport at Holsworthy, south-west of Sydney. The action was boosted by news that
By Ian Jamieson Tasmanian local governments face an uncertain future as the Liberal state government pushes ahead with a program of forced amalgamation. As part of his "Directions Statement", a mid-term attempt to address the malaise in the
Apology In the March 12, 1997, Issue No. 266 of Green Left Weekly, an article covering an interview relating to the Hindmarsh Island Bridge affair appeared. In this article, we referred to the bridge construction company. In referring to this
By Kylie Moon HOBART — On July 30, at 1.30pm, students across the University of Tasmania campus blew 500 whistles distributed to protest against the university administration's decision to reduce the end of year exam period, and introduce
By Paul Glenning BLACKWATER — Now in the 13th week of their strike, 158 mineworkers at the central Queensland Curragh open cut mine are holding firm in defence of conditions against the giant US company ARCO. If ARCO succeeds in destroying
Queensland CPSU president resigns By Graham Mathews BRISBANE — The Community and Public Sector Union's Queensland president, Andrew Finegan, resigned on July 14 citing the union's poor leadership in the campaign to protect public sector
By Marina Cameron In the work of privatising education, the seemingly neutral government proposal that teaching and student results be tested is dangerous cover for gathering evidence to argue that private education "works better", that public
Students' camp backs stand against Jabiluka By Mamu DARWIN — Students from many Australian universities in July attended the Students and Sustainability Conference in Townsville. Jacqui Katona, spokesperson for the traditional Aboriginal
UQ union members meet By Kathy Newnam BRISBANE — A rally of 100 National Tertiary Education and Industry Union members at the University of Queensland on July 31 discussed the enterprise bargaining process currently taking place. The
Fighting homophobia on campus By Will Williams CANBERRA — An anti-homophobia speak-out was held at the University of Canberra on July 30. Part of the Queer Market Daze festival organised by the Rubber Rose Ranch queer club, the speak-out


By Youk Chhang Pol Pot's jungle trial in Anlong Veng was not only unfair, but also fake. Nate Thayer, a correspondent for the Far Eastern Economic Review, who was presumably invited by Khmer Rouge hard-liners Khieu Samphan, Ta Mok and Pol Pot
More East Timorese disappear The Melbourne-based East Timor Human Rights Centre (ETHRC) fears for the safety of Santina Morreira Belo, aged 22, and her baby aged under one, who disappeared after Santina Morreira Belo was arrested on July 12 by
Workers strike against 'Brutish' Airways By James Vassilopoulos British Airways cabin crews struck for 72 hours July 9-11 to protest against a £42 million pay and conditions cut. Picketers carried signs saying "Brutish Airways". The
US youth barred from going to Cuba By Paul Howes PARIS — Around 500 young activists from the United States have been blocked by the US government from attending the 14th World Festival of Youth and Students, being held in Havana, Cuba.
By Renfrey Clarke MOSCOW — Staging a two-week march on the Russian capital, nuclear power workers have forced the government to agree to pay out large sums in overdue wages, in an episode that has also focused attention on the dangerous state
International youth camp By Nikki Ulasowski and Paul Howes BRIODE, FRANCE — "A Breach In Fortress Europe" was the theme of the 14th annual youth camp hosted by JCR-Red, the French youth section of the Fourth International. Around 500
Indonesian commemorations attacked By James Balowski Scores of people were injured and 85 arrested when the Indonesian military attacked peaceful protesters commemorating the first anniversary of the July 27, 1996, riots in central Jakarta.
Public servants strike in South Africa By Norm Dixon More than 370,000 public sector workers went on strike in South Africa on July 25 in support of their demand for a 9% wage increase. Tens of thousands of teachers, nurses, public
By Ana Kailis TIJUANA — To cross the border from southern California to the Mexican town of Tijuana is a remarkably simple process. A 30-minute trolley ride from San Diego to the border town barrio of San Ysidro and then a seven-minute walk
Budget deal marks further shift to the right By Barry Sheppard The Congressional Republican leadership has made a deal with the Clinton White House on a new federal budget that will slash Medicare (the program to help elderly people
FAROOQ TARIQ, 42, is general secretary of Jeddojuhd Inqilabi Tehrik (Revolutionary Struggle Movement), a left-wing organisation committed to the promotion of working-class politics and socialism in Pakistan. JIT was founded by the supporters of the
By Norm Dixon The Melanesian Solidarity members of the PNG parliament, led by Melsol general secretary Peti Lafanama and newly elected Western Highlands regional MP Father Robert Lak, have defended themselves against charges of betrayal for
By Dom Rotheroe Like a stubborn mantra, Maulindo's feet still trudge through my head. Under star and moon, through sun and shadow, over roots and rocks, up, down and right into paddy, mountain and river, I stomped for a fortnight through the
By Paula Ajuria On July 2, extensive coverage was given by the Spanish media to masses of Spaniards celebrating the release by the Spanish police of a man held hostage by Basque separatist organisation ETA. The hostage, Ortega Lara, was
Basques rally for a political solution In spite of heavy police deployment, 30,000 Basques took to the streets on July 27 in what some news agencies described as the largest ever demonstration in support of Herri Batasuna. More than 500 police
Journalist killed in Kalimantan By James Balowski On July 25, Naimullah, a reporter with the Jakarta daily Sinar Pagi, was found dead in his car in Pantai Peniungan, about 90 kilometres from Pontianak, the capital of West Kalimantan. He had
Ali Kazak, head of the Palestinian delegation to Australia, has condemned those responsible for the terror bombing of a Jerusalem market on July 30, which killed at least 13 people and wounded more than 100. He added, however, that the Israeli
James Vassilopoulos The struggle by the Liverpool dockers — now in its second year — is gaining momentum. A 24-hour international solidarity strike has been set, and last month the dockers stopped an attempt by the Transport and General


Crop CirclesBy Urban Theatre ProjectsThe Performance Space, Sydney from July 24, then Newcastle Uni (Aug 8), Uni of Western Sydney, Nepean (Aug 14). Info 02 9601 8011. Review by Brendan Doyle At the Performance Space in Redfern, you're always
With a Little Help from My FriendsSuzanne CloudEncounter RecordsSend US$21 to Dreambox Media, PO Box 8132, Philadelphia, PA 19101-8132 USA. Review by Norm Dixon "If you're a female singer in jazz, you're stuck with the standards, the pretty love
A short story by Craig Cormick Rod Taylor took Tippi Hedren by the hand and carefully led her out of the house. One of the seagulls pecked viciously at his ankle. Tippi Hedren froze. But Rod kept walking. He guided her past the gulls and crows
Activist TV: a better view By Elinor Rennie MELBOURNE — In May, while a protest against uranium mining on native title land was occurring outside the headquarters of CRA, a swan became stranded on the nearby Princes Bridge. TV news
Gay and lesbian rights book launched By Kath Gelber SYDNEY — Around 40 people attended a launch of the Democratic Socialist Party's new book, Socialism and the Struggle for the Rights of Lesbians and Gay Men, on July 26. The meeting was
The WellDirected by Samantha Lang Stars Pamela Rabe, Miranda Otto, Paul Chubb Review by Margaret Allan Announced by the critics as the next big Australian movie, The Well is an intense film whose visual impact and well-crafted imagery
Factor Four: Doubling Wealth — Halving Resource UseBy Ernst von Weizsäcker, Amory B. Lovins and L. Hunter LovinsAllen & Unwin, 1997. 322 pp., $24.95 (pb) Review by Allen Myers Is there a "technological fix" to the ecological crisis?
Brassed OffWritten and directed by Mark HermanOpens August 14 Review by James Vassilopoulos "When god created humanity he had too many bodies and not enough fuckin' brains, hearts and vocal chords. So he thought to himself, what will I do with
Raymond Chandler: A BiographyBy Tom HineyChatto & Windus, 1997. 310 pp., $39.95 (hb) Review by Phil Shannon The New York Times called him "a hater of the human race". Respectable book reviewers wrote him off as a lowbrow writer of pulp


Editorial: Media racism Media racism @box text intro = "Korean gangs blamed for new city crime war" was the banner headline on the Sydney Morning Herald on July 28. What better way to spur newspaper sales on a slow news day than to publish