International youth camp


International youth camp

By Nikki Ulasowski and Paul Howes

BRIODE, FRANCE — "A Breach In Fortress Europe" was the theme of the 14th annual youth camp hosted by JCR-Red, the French youth section of the Fourth International.

Around 500 activists from across western Europe, Japan, Russia, Uruguay, Poland and Australia attended the camp which was held July 19-25.

Discussion covered the European political situation, racism and fascism, feminism and challenges facing the left today. Workshops covered a broad range of topics including student campaigns, unemployment, capitalism in eastern Europe, workers' struggles, abortion rights and genetics and biotechnology.

A highlight was a rally focussing on the life of the revolutionary Che Guevara. The Zapatistas' struggle for social justice in Mexico was also emphasised as a source of inspiration for the left today.

Social events centred on the themes of solidarity with the Third World, and gay and lesbian rights. Women-only space and a gay- and lesbian-only spaces were provided at the camp. A solidarity action in support of the striking Liverpool dockers raised over £400 for the strike fund.

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