Issue 26


Anti-Nile rally to defend abortion rights

By Rose McCann

SYDNEY — Under the slogan "Stop Nile's War on Women's Rights", a broad coalition of women's organisations here has set Saturday, September 7, as the date for its first action against the reactionary...

By Tracy Sorensen

SYDNEY — New South Wales National Aborigines Week activities will be launched at the Town Hall on September 2 with speeches by Aboriginal community leaders and federal Aboriginal affairs minister Robert Tickner. Aboriginal speakers will include Millie...

By Vannessa Hearman

MELBOURNE — The Victorian Trades Hall Council and the Victorian Council of Social Services have scheduled a "Jobs and Justice" rally for September 10.

The rally is one of several joint initiatives announced on August 26. VTHC secretary John...

Dump a 'toxic bomb': Serventy

By Bill Mason

BRISBANE — Opposition to the Queensland government's proposed toxic waste dump at Gulrulmundi is growing as the dangers involved become clearer to local residents and conservationists.

Prominent ecologist...

SYDNEY — One hundred and fifty anti-freeway campaigners rallied outside Parliament House on August 27 to call for a royal commission into the Roads and Traffic Authority. Members of the Wolli Creek Preservation Society, Woronora Valley Association and other local anti-freeway groups cited the...

Newstart appeals

An article on Newstart in our in our July 3 issue stated that appeals against activity agreements could be submitted to the Social Security Appeal Tribunal in Canberra. In fact, there is a separate tribunal for each state and territory: its address is GPO Box 9943 in...

Aboriginal jail scandal

By Frank Noakes

PERTH — An all-party state parliamentary inquiry has confirmed, once again, that Aborigines are heavily over-represented in Western Australian jails. Although only 1.8% of the community, they make up 46% of the prison...

By Warren Brierley

ALBURY — The NSW border city of Albury seems to be on the way to winning the Country Polluter of the Year Award for 1991. Not only have dangerous pollutants been discovered oozing from a city council waste dump, but a recent Greiner government...

By Stephen O'Brien

NEWCASTLE — A community and trade union picket is being maintained round the clock at Wallsend Hospital's three entrances to prevent the transfer of patients and hospital facilities.

The Hunter Area Health Service is attempting to sacrifice the...

World Awareness Week at Tas Uni

By Kate Booth

HOBART — A World Awareness Week was held on Tasmania Uni from August 19 to 23. Jointly organised by the university Greens, Resistance, CISLAC and Amnesty International, it aimed to reach the university population...

Environment Independents launch campaign

By Tracy Sorensen

SYDNEY — Independent members of state parliament Dr Peter MacDonald (Manly) and Clover Moore (Bligh) on September 1 launched the campaign for the Waverley Environment Independents team for the upcoming...

By Bill Mason

BRISBANE — Queensland environment minister Pat Comben has announced a plan for possible seven-year jail terms and $1 million fines for owners and operators of ships which pollute waters off the state's coast.

Penalties to make the polluter pay have...

MELBOURNE — The Kirner government's budget, delivered on August 17, confirmed plans to cut 10,000 public services jobs, privatise $900 million worth of government assets, increase the cost of public transport, and introduce charges for outpatient treatment at public hospitals....

By Jon Singer

PERTH — The state ALP government's 1991 budget, announced on August 29 by Premier Carmen Lawrence, cut community services, health, education, arts and environment funding to pay for increased funding of housing and capital works. The result is that workers...

Kirner stalls on Coode relocation

By Melanie Sjoberg

MELBOURNE — As the immediate danger from the Coode Island chemical fire subsides, it seems the government is hoping the initial shock and anger will also subside. The Kirner government has announced the...


By Helen Jarvis

"The war is over, over", Prince Sihanouk told reporters. "Yes, it's over", said Prime Minister Hun Sen. These words were featured in all the coverage of the latest meeting of Cambodia's Supreme National Council, held in Pattaya, Thailand August 26-29....

By Andrey Nikovor

The Ukrainian parliament declared independence on August 24 with 346 deputies in favour and only one opposed. The declaration, signed by the President Leonid Krawchuk, is subject to a referendum to be held on December 1.

The declaration,...

By Ian Bolas

LONDON — Three thousand people marched here on August 10 to mark the 20th anniversary of internment without trial in Northern Ireland.

The march also commemorated the deaths 10 years ago of Bobby Sands and nine other Irish political prisoners. Sands...

By Sean Magill

A recent letter from Belfast to Australian Aid for Ireland reveals something of the entrenched bigotry and sectarianism of Unionist politicians.

Written by Mairtin O'Muilleior, a Sinn Fein councillor, it describes Sinn Fein councillors rising to...

Nuclear plant to reopen

Greenpeace and other environmentalists are staging protests in the US state of Colorado against plans to reopen the Rocky Flats nuclear weapons factory. The plant has been closed since November 1989 because of numerous leaks of radioactive waste.


Visiting NZ greenly

Visiting NZ greenly

Members and supporters of New Zealand's Green party (The Greens of Aotearoa/New Zealand) is offering a home hosting service for greens visiting New Zealand.

A booklet listing green homes throughout New Zealand open to visitors is...

By Norm Dixon

Anti-African National Congress vigilantes and Inkatha fighters engaged in vicious attacks against township residents may have been the beneficiaries of 40 tonnes of grenades, shotguns, rifles and ammunition illegally shipped from the United States...

By Vannessa Hearman
and Tony Iltis

The Indonesian Front for the Defence of Human Rights (INFIGHT) was formed in 1989 "to make a more democratic society in Indonesia, a society more respectful to basic human rights, especially basic community rights of the people...

Peace activists jailed

By Fardod Roshanbin

BRISBANE — Australian Plowshares activists Ciaron O'Reilly and Moana Cavander-Cole have been jailed for a year in the US on charges of sabotaging a B-52 bomber at Griffiss air base last January. They were also ordered...


Death of communism?

Mikhail Gorbachev's resignation as general secretary of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union, the dissolution of its Central Committee and the nationalisation of the Communist Party's property by Russian Federation President Boris Yeltsin, have been hailed in the...


By Tracy Sorenson

Speaking with the sun
New stories by Australian and New Zealand writers
Edited by Stephanie Dowrick and Jane Parkin
Allen and Unwin, 1991. 223 pp. $16.95
Reviewed by Tracy Sorensen...

CAA Aboriginal study tour

SYDNEY — Community Aid Abroad here is to host a unique tour of discovery to explore the history and culture of Aboriginal communities in far western New South Wales.

The two-week tour will include meetings with local Aboriginal Paakantji and...

By Catherine Gough-Brady

A jam-packed festival of female composers' works will be performed September 20-22 in Adelaide. The Composing Women Festival has been instigated by composer activist Becky Llewellyn.

Composition of art music is one of the last bastions of...

by Stuart Wax

Shopping for a Better World
Council on Economic Priorities
350 pp. US$6.45
Reviewed By Stuart Wax

When we buy a product at a supermarket, we not only purchase an item, but we also...

By Ulrike Erhardt

Written and directed by Jackie

With Jackie McKimmie, Noni Hazelhurst, Deborra-Lee Furness, Frank Whitten, Helen Jones, Denis Moore, Fiona Press and Ray Barrett

Story and photo by Peter Boyle

When Brett Melke was a law student at Melbourne University, he worked part time as a hospital orderly. This is how he met Dr Eduardo Aranda, the brother of a Chilean union leader who was imprisoned under General Pinochet's dictatorship....

By Kim Spurway

Visiting Hours
Written by Felix Mitterer
Directed by David Ritchie
With Gertrude Ingeborg and Barry Jones
Belvoir Theatre, Sydney, to September 15
Reviewed by Kim Spurway

By Janet Fraser

I spent Friday night glued to my television. Gone With the Wind? 9




55BI> Weeks? No, Handel's oratorio Messiah. Yes, even Handel...