Environment Independents launch campaign


Environment Independents launch campaign

By Tracy Sorensen

SYDNEY — Independent members of state parliament Dr Peter MacDonald (Manly) and Clover Moore (Bligh) on September 1 launched the campaign for the Waverley Environment Independents team for the upcoming Waverley Council elections.

Prue Cancian and Virginia Milson are standing in Lawson ward.

Moore said, "It is vital that independents stand for local government to represent the community on environmental and social issues".

MacDonald pointed to recent events where the independent MPs in state parliament have taken the initiative, such as reforms to parliamentary procedures and the encouragement of a bipartisan approach to gun law review. "These events show that independents can really represent the will of the people — unshackled by party and doctrine."

Cancian said that the state independents were demonstrating to the community the advantage of independent representation. "I will be working to provide residents with the same responsible and community-minded representation at the local government level that Clover and Peter have demonstrated at the state level."

Environmental reforms are a major plank of the Environment Independents platform. Cancian will introduce new waste minimisation measures such as composting at domestic and commercial levels and will ensure that the council pressures the Water Board to introduce secondary sewage treatment.