By Vannessa Hearman MELBOURNE — The Victorian Trades Hall Council and the Victorian Council of Social Services have scheduled a "Jobs and Justice" rally for September 10. The rally is one of several joint initiatives announced on August 26.
By Paul Whyte The effects of sexual abuse are a great personal tragedy for each of us. We have much to gain from breaking its hold over ourselves, our relationships and society. Everyone freezes with shame and horror when someone talks about
SYDNEY — One hundred and fifty anti-freeway campaigners rallied outside Parliament House on August 27 to call for a royal commission into the Roads and Traffic Authority. Members of the Wolli Creek Preservation Society, Woronora Valley Association
Death of communism? Mikhail Gorbachev's resignation as general secretary of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union, the dissolution of its Central Committee and the nationalisation of the Communist Party's property by Russian Federation President
By Jonathan Nack OAKLAND, California — Clorox Corporation had plans to counteract consumer worries about the environmental impact of its household chlorine products — but ended up giving the public a rare look behind the facade of corporate
Australian Jews and the Middle East; the suppressed debate By Angela Matheson Clive Kessler is a Sydney Jew whose grizzled beard and crumpled woollen jacket identify him as a comfortable academic. But as he slumps into an armchair littered with
Unemployed Workers' Union formed By James Basle SYDNEY — With more than one in four young people out of work and the federal Labor government attacking the rights of unemployed people through schemes such as Newstart, unemployed people in
Stop press "Despite the corporate disasters of the past few years, Malcolm Fraser's 1983 claim that Australians would be better off putting their money under the bed if a Labor government came to power has not proved to be correct." — Max Walsh in
by Stuart Wax Shopping for a Better World Council on Economic Priorities 350 pp. US$6.45 Reviewed By Stuart Wax When we buy a product at a supermarket, we not only purchase an item, but we also support the company that produced it. If you
By Sean Magill A recent letter from Belfast to Australian Aid for Ireland reveals something of the entrenched bigotry and sectarianism of Unionist politicians. Written by Mairtin O'Muilleior, a Sinn Fein councillor, it describes Sinn Fein


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