Anti-Nile rally to defend abortion rights By Rose McCann SYDNEY — Under the slogan "Stop Nile's War on Women's Rights", a broad coalition of women's organisations here has set Saturday, September 7, as the date for its first action against the
Jim Percy The failed coup attempt in the Soviet Union and the counter-coup led by Boris Yeltsin were the subject of a Democratic Socialist Party forum in Sydney on August 27. This is an abridged version of a talk by JIM PERCY to the forum. The
By Helen Jarvis "The war is over, over", Prince Sihanouk told reporters. "Yes, it's over", said Prime Minister Hun Sen. These words were featured in all the coverage of the latest meeting of Cambodia's Supreme National Council, held in Pattaya,
By Peter Annear BUDAPEST — "If the coup had not happened, Boris Yeltsin would have had to invent it", according to prominent Hungarian Sovietologist Tamas Krausz. In an interview with Green Left Weekly, Krausz also pointed to what he considers
By Tracy Sorensen SYDNEY — New South Wales National Aborigines Week activities will be launched at the Town Hall on September 2 with speeches by Aboriginal community leaders and federal Aboriginal affairs minister Robert Tickner. Aboriginal
By Ian Bolas LONDON — Three thousand people marched here on August 10 to mark the 20th anniversary of internment without trial in Northern Ireland. The march also commemorated the deaths 10 years ago of Bobby Sands and nine other Irish
By Andrey Nikovor The Ukrainian parliament declared independence on August 24 with 346 deputies in favour and only one opposed. The declaration, signed by the President Leonid Krawchuk, is subject to a referendum to be held on December 1. The
By Pat Brewer The leadership challenge in the Australian Democrats appears to have set back plans for early electoral unity between greens and Democrats. Last week a senior official of the Australian Conservation Foundation, Paul Rutherford,
Dump a 'toxic bomb': Serventy By Bill Mason BRISBANE — Opposition to the Queensland government's proposed toxic waste dump at Gulrulmundi is growing as the dangers involved become clearer to local residents and conservationists. Prominent
CAA Aboriginal study tour SYDNEY — Community Aid Abroad here is to host a unique tour of discovery to explore the history and culture of Aboriginal communities in far western New South Wales. The two-week tour will include meetings with local
Inaccuracies A couple of inaccuracies occurred in the editing of an article I submitted for issue #22. Although they did not compromise the integrity of the article they have become the subject of some complaint. The article, "Greens (WA) meet",
By Catherine Gough-Brady A jam-packed festival of female composers' works will be performed September 20-22 in Adelaide. The Composing Women Festival has been instigated by composer activist Becky Llewellyn. Composition of art music is one of
SYDNEY — One hundred and fifty anti-freeway campaigners rallied outside Parliament House on August 27 to call for a royal commission into the Roads and Traffic Authority. Members of the Wolli Creek Preservation Society, Woronora Valley Association
By Vannessa Hearman MELBOURNE — The Victorian Trades Hall Council and the Victorian Council of Social Services have scheduled a "Jobs and Justice" rally for September 10. The rally is one of several joint initiatives announced on August 26.
By Paul Whyte The effects of sexual abuse are a great personal tragedy for each of us. We have much to gain from breaking its hold over ourselves, our relationships and society. Everyone freezes with shame and horror when someone talks about
Australian Jews and the Middle East; the suppressed debate By Angela Matheson Clive Kessler is a Sydney Jew whose grizzled beard and crumpled woollen jacket identify him as a comfortable academic. But as he slumps into an armchair littered with


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