Unemployed Workers' Union formed By James Basle SYDNEY — With more than one in four young people out of work and the federal Labor government attacking the rights of unemployed people through schemes such as Newstart, unemployed people in
Stop press "Despite the corporate disasters of the past few years, Malcolm Fraser's 1983 claim that Australians would be better off putting their money under the bed if a Labor government came to power has not proved to be correct." — Max Walsh in
Aboriginal jail scandal By Frank Noakes PERTH — An all-party state parliamentary inquiry has confirmed, once again, that Aborigines are heavily over-represented in Western Australian jails. Although only 1.8% of the community, they make up 46%
By Sean Magill A recent letter from Belfast to Australian Aid for Ireland reveals something of the entrenched bigotry and sectarianism of Unionist politicians. Written by Mairtin O'Muilleior, a Sinn Fein councillor, it describes Sinn Fein
By Kevin Healy A shattering week, because my unflappable faith in the sanctity of market forces and initiative was somewhat flapped. A Spencer Street Foul Facts/Sore Wick poll showed that 54% of True Blue Aussies With the Big Red Heart don't
Accord promises With the Labor-ACTU Accord strategy looking near collapse, it is worth asking: what have Accord-based unionism and politics done for women workers? Back in 1983, it was argued that a centralised strategy of wage restraint in
Nuclear plant to reopen Greenpeace and other environmentalists are staging protests in the US state of Colorado against plans to reopen the Rocky Flats nuclear weapons factory. The plant has been closed since November 1989 because of numerous leaks
Newstart appeals An article on Newstart in our in our July 3 issue stated that appeals against activity agreements could be submitted to the Social Security Appeal Tribunal in Canberra. In fact, there is a separate tribunal for each state and
DARWIN — In the early hours of August 17, Anthony Gwyther of the West End Catholic Worker Community in Brisbane entered Darwin RAAF Base. He poured blood on a US Air Force B-52 bomber which was in Darwin to participate in the Pitch Black '91 joint
By Warren Brierley ALBURY — The NSW border city of Albury seems to be on the way to winning the Country Polluter of the Year Award for 1991. Not only have dangerous pollutants been discovered oozing from a city council waste dump, but a recent
By Ulrike Erhardt Waiting Written and directed by Jackie McKimmie With Jackie McKimmie, Noni Hazelhurst, Deborra-Lee Furness, Frank Whitten, Helen Jones, Denis Moore, Fiona Press and Ray Barrett Reviewed by Ulrike Erhadt It's amazing what
Visiting NZ greenly Visiting NZ greenly Members and supporters of New Zealand's Green party (The Greens of Aotearoa/New Zealand) is offering a home hosting service for greens visiting New Zealand. A booklet listing green homes throughout New
World Awareness Week at Tas Uni By Kate Booth HOBART — A World Awareness Week was held on Tasmania Uni from August 19 to 23. Jointly organised by the university Greens, Resistance, CISLAC and Amnesty International, it aimed to reach the
By Stephen O'Brien NEWCASTLE — A community and trade union picket is being maintained round the clock at Wallsend Hospital's three entrances to prevent the transfer of patients and hospital facilities. The Hunter Area Health Service is
On July 12 Harold Thomas and the rest of Aboriginal Australia celebrated the 20th birthday of the National Aboriginal Flag, the red, black and gold banner that has unified support for Aboriginal people here and around the world. Harold —
Story and photo by Peter Boyle When Brett Melke was a law student at Melbourne University, he worked part time as a hospital orderly. This is how he met Dr Eduardo Aranda, the brother of a Chilean union leader who was imprisoned under General


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