Issue 197


Indonesian solidarity campaign launched By James Balowski Criminal proceedings are to be brought against seven student and worker activists from the independent trade union PPBI (Indonesian Centre for Labour Struggle) and the
Health workers continue industrial action By Seetal Dodd and Kim Linden MELBOURNE — In response to a 14% pay claim by Victorian health workers, now in their second week of industrial action, the Kennett government has offered
Kurds on hunger strike By Susan Phillips MELBOURNE — Thirteen members of the Kurdish community have been on hunger strike here since August 1, to protest against the genocidal policies of the Turkish government in Kurdistan.
La Trobe SRC funding threatened By Rachel Evans MELBOURNE — On July 27 La Trobe University vice chancellor, Professor Osborne, attacked students' right to control their own affairs by declaring that the university would not
By Lisa Macdonald August 6 marked the 50th anniversary of the nuclear bombing of Hiroshima by the US during World War Two. On August 5 the first round of Hiroshima Day commemoration protests against the French government's recent decision
Queensland ALP in disarray By Bill Mason BRISBANE — The war of words continues in the ALP in the aftermath of the state election debacle. On August 4, Brisbane Lord Mayor Jim Soorley called on Queensland Labor Party secretary
Opposition over tollway, tree-clearing grows By Bill Mason BRISBANE — The state government's controversial South-East Tollway and tree-clearing guidelines remain major problems for the re-elected Goss government.
Rally for Bosnia By Jon Lamb ADELAIDE — More than 1500 Bosnians and their supporters marched and rallied here on August 5, calling for an end to the arms embargo and the ethnic genocide being carried out in their homeland.
Cuban blind school seeks support By Liam Hazell "Know about Cuba today", says Pilar Herrera, recently returned from a trip to Cuba. Herrera has written several articles and interviews from her stay in Cuba.
Six deaths in custody in six weeks By Sujatha Fernandes The deaths of six Aboriginal prisoners in the last six weeks "dramatically and sadly highlights the problem of deaths in custody nationally", says Aboriginal Deaths in
By Ray Fulcher MELBOURNE — An internal struggle in the International Socialist Organisation (ISO) culminated last week in a wholesale purge by the ISO National Committee of its Melbourne branch. The expelled were members of an


Rubber tappers protest against nuclear tests BRASILIA — Around 300 rubber tappers and workers from the Brazilian rainforest protested on July 25 at the French embassy against the resuming of nuclear tests. The demonstrators
Israeli peace movement material published By Jennifer Thompson Sydney's Australian-Jewish peace group, Shalom-Salaam, has returned to action, as the Israeli government blocks implementation of the peace accords with the PLO.
Consultation by Zapatistas The Clandestine Revolutionary Indigenous Committee — General Command of the Zapatista National Liberation Army (EZLN) on June 8 called for a national and international consultation around five questions
By Norm Dixon A large movement in opposition to the World Bank/International Monetary Fund-imposed structural adjustment program (SAP) is developing across Papua New Guinea. Of particular concern to the people is a plan to undermine the
By Renfrey Clarke MOSCOW — In the coal-mining centre of Partizansk in the Maritime District of Russia's Far East, most miners go to work with nothing more than bread and sugar in their lunch boxes. From time to time, miners collapse on
More delays on redeployment By Jennifer Thompson Middle East International's Graham Usher has reported that the Israeli government now supports only "partial redeployment" of its troops in the occupied territories, for
Stop the execution of Mumia Abu-Jamal! The following is an abridged version of a statement circulated by the Committees of Correspondence in the United States. The governor of Pennsylvania [has] signed a death warrant to set the
By Eva Cheng Beijing conducted another nuclear test in Xinjiang on May 15, two days after it had promised more than 170 countries that it would try hard not to do so before an agreement to ban nuclear tests is reached, which is scheduled
By James Balowski Last month Indonesia officially celebrated the 19th anniversary of the "integration" of East Timor as its 27th province. In carefully orchestrated ceremonies across the country, government officials focused on the


Beyond Joy Luz Acuna Aguayo in concert Musical arrangements by Carlos Cordova Q. August 12, 7.30pm Petersham Town Hall, Sydney Previewed by Lisa Macdonald If you're a fan of the music and poetry inspired by the
Arguments for a New Left: Answering the Free Market Right By Hilary Wainwright Blackwell, 1994 Reviewed by Neville Spencer Champions of the free market are on a wave of almost unprecedented self-confidence. Hilary Wainwright
Cat's eye view of love Seven Acts of Love (As Witnessed by a Cat) Opening at Budinski's Theatre of Exile, Melbourne, August 9 Previewed by Bronwen Beechey "I like to think that good theatre should operate as a kind of
By Laura James When you see Hecate play live, it's easy to understand why they are one of the hottest of Melbourne's growing number of young female bands playing fast, loud rock. Powered along by Stephanie's furious drumming, bass-player
The Royal Commission into the conflict over the Hindmarsh Island Bridge is currently under way in South Australia. Although an enormous amount of attention has been devoted to the beliefs of the Ngarrindjeri women, there has been no corresponding
Higher than Heaven: Japan, war and everything By Tony Barrell and Rick Tanaka Private Guy International: 1995. 304 pp., $35 Reviewed by Heidi Pegrem "This book is called Higher than Heaven because that's where a lot of
Understanding the unforgivable Mad Turk Napier Street Theatre, South Melbourne, August 9-September 2 Previewed by Bronwen Beechey At 10am on May 9, 1989, a man entered a kindergarten in Hawthorn, a middle-class
Brisbane International Film Festival By Kerry Vernon The Fourth Brisbane Film Festival, screening at Hoyt's Regent with a festival of short films at the State Library, runs until August 14. This month is the centenary
Voices of Aboriginal Australia: Past, Present, Future Compiled by Irene Moores Butterfly Books, 1995. 492 pp., $19.95 (pb) Reviewed by Sujatha Fernandes From the use of Aboriginal runner Cathy Freeman to advertise breakfast
Sophie's World: An Adventure in Philosophy By Jostein Gaarder Phoenix House, 1995. Distributed by Allen & Unwin 394 pp., $19.95 (pb) Reviewed by Arun Pradhan Who are you? Where does the world come from? From questions


Time is running out @edit = Public opposition to nuclear testing is rapidly gaining strength, here and around the world. The huge rallies to mark Bastille and Hiroshima days, and the trade bans and boycotts of French goods by unions and