Consultation by Zapatistas


Consultation by Zapatistas

The Clandestine Revolutionary Indigenous Committee — General Command of the Zapatista National Liberation Army (EZLN) on June 8 called for a national and international consultation around five questions relevant to the immediate future of Mexico.

In a statement, the International Consultation Commission of the EZLN explained: "In the context of the grave economic, political and social situation confronting Mexico this consultation presents an important opportunity to gauge how Mexican people feel about their future.

"The international mobilisation of EZLN sympathisers in support of this consultation is urgent. The consultation can be promoted through mobilisations such as artistic festivals, press conferences, assemblies, forums and stalls ...

We invite all organisations to participate in the distribution of this grand international consultation. Please inform us of the participating organisations, groups or collectives, the region covered, the form in which the consultation is carried out, the dates and results."

Ballots need to be received by the end of August. They can be faxed to Mexico, 52 5 659 4837 or 52 73 151 974, or sent via Internet email: 74052,

"International solidarity is the light of hope that embraces the world" said the EZLN statement. "Today we fight for a change in which justice, liberty and human dignity reign. We have the conviction that we can make this a reality."


As Mexicans our national proposal is to fight for and achieve democracy, liberty and justice for all men and women of our nation. As human beings, our global proposal is for a new international order based on and ruled by democracy, liberty and justice.

1. Do you agree that the different principal demands of the Mexican people are for land, housing, work, food, health, education, culture, information, independence, democracy, liberty, justice and peace? Yes ( ) No ( ) Don't know ( )

2. Should the principal forces for democracy unite in a broad opposition front and fight for the 13 principal demands? Yes ( ) No ( ) Don't know ( )

3. Should there be a profound political reform in terms which guarantee equity, citizens' participation (including non-party and non-governmental), respect for the right to vote, honest polls and the recognition of all the national, regional and local political forces? Yes ( ) No ( ) Don't know ( )

4. Should the EZLN convert itself into an new and independent political force? Yes ( ) No ( ) Don't know ( )

5. Should the EZLN unite with other forces and organisations to form a new political organisation? Yes( ) No ( ) Don't know ( )