Consultation by Zapatistas The Clandestine Revolutionary Indigenous Committee — General Command of the Zapatista National Liberation Army (EZLN) on June 8 called for a national and international consultation around five questions
By Ray Fulcher MELBOURNE — An internal struggle in the International Socialist Organisation (ISO) culminated last week in a wholesale purge by the ISO National Committee of its Melbourne branch. The expelled were members of an
By Pip Hinman The final phase of the $64 million Kangaroo '95, "the greatest show in town", as Royal Australian Navy Captain and chief controller of Kangaroo '95 Jim Gault put it, has begun in the north of Australia. The military exercise
In good conscience By Brandon Astor Jones @outdent = "My sense is that a majority of Southern Baptists would approve of capital punishment." — C. Ben Mitchell, Southern Baptist minister. @outdent = The Southern
Israeli peace movement material published By Jennifer Thompson Sydney's Australian-Jewish peace group, Shalom-Salaam, has returned to action, as the Israeli government blocks implementation of the peace accords with the PLO.
Kurds on hunger strike By Susan Phillips MELBOURNE — Thirteen members of the Kurdish community have been on hunger strike here since August 1, to protest against the genocidal policies of the Turkish government in Kurdistan.
Cat's eye view of love Seven Acts of Love (As Witnessed by a Cat) Opening at Budinski's Theatre of Exile, Melbourne, August 9 Previewed by Bronwen Beechey "I like to think that good theatre should operate as a kind of
Arguments for a New Left: Answering the Free Market Right By Hilary Wainwright Blackwell, 1994 Reviewed by Neville Spencer Champions of the free market are on a wave of almost unprecedented self-confidence. Hilary Wainwright
In the 1960s and '70s, the Gurindji tribe of the Northern Territory, employed on the Wave Hill cattle station owned by Britain's Lord Vestey, staged a landmark struggle for Aboriginal justice. The campaign, Australia's first successful Aboriginal
By Peter Montague After 30 years of scientific detective work, a picture has emerged strongly suggesting that US-style industrialisation is in fundamental conflict with living systems. Many common chemicals used in bulk quantities are now
La Trobe SRC funding threatened By Rachel Evans MELBOURNE — On July 27 La Trobe University vice chancellor, Professor Osborne, attacked students' right to control their own affairs by declaring that the university would not
By Pip Hinman The very public attack by the leader of the Democrats, Cheryl Kernot, on the Queensland Greens following the state election last month surprised some. Kernot lashed out at the Green Party, accusing it, among other things, of
Our right to choose @column = The struggle to secure women's right to abortion is ongoing. Access to abortion as a safe medical procedure is a political issue in a system which stigmatises abortion as a criminal act, and
By Laura James When you see Hecate play live, it's easy to understand why they are one of the hottest of Melbourne's growing number of young female bands playing fast, loud rock. Powered along by Stephanie's furious drumming, bass-player
By Greg Miller The tone of the front page article in the Australian of Friday, March 10, was exuberant. It splashed across three-quarters of available space and was supported by colour photos and diagrams. "$4bn pay TV plan world first",
Higher than Heaven: Japan, war and everything By Tony Barrell and Rick Tanaka Private Guy International: 1995. 304 pp., $35 Reviewed by Heidi Pegrem "This book is called Higher than Heaven because that's where a lot of


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