Cuban blind school seeks support


Cuban blind school seeks support

By Liam Hazell

"Know about Cuba today", says Pilar Herrera, recently returned from a trip to Cuba.

Herrera has written several articles and interviews from her stay in Cuba. Scientists, artists, students, schoolchildren, teachers and ordinary citizens were among the range of people who spoke with Herrera.

Herrera visited the Pinar del Rio school for blind children, north-west of Havana. The school is in need of braille machines and paper, as well as audio teaching materials. Students live in the school, returning home only on weekends. The school therefore plays an important role in raising them.

Herrera would like to raise funds to purchase equipment for the school by publishing her articles and interviews, which are written in Spanish. The translator is willing to translate her work only on a guarantee that the report will be published, but a publisher has yet to be found, leaving the project in limbo.

"The articles and interviews are suitable for publishing as a supplement in a magazine or newspaper", said Herrera. "Publishing the article will not only help the Pinar del Rio school; it will also help to give people a better idea of what Cuba is like today."

[Anyone interested in helping to publish Herrera's reports can contact Liam on (06) 247 2424.]