Issue 138


Coxsedge calls for Cuba solidarity By Bill Mason BRISBANE — Cuba has done so much for the world community, now is the time for the progressive movement to speak out in support of Cuba, Joan Coxsedge told a public forum here on March 27.
Congress on politics of cancer SYDNEY — A major international congress examining alternative treatments for cancer will open here on Friday, April 15. According to the organisers, Independent Medical Research, the World Congress on Cancer
Mines dumping toxic waste, CJC told By Bill Mason BRISBANE — Queensland's biggest company, MIM, was guilty of contaminating thousands of hectares of the northern region, a state government environment officer told the Criminal Justice
His master's voice "There is a valid reason when business says to you that a stock exchange will get a jump on you ... That is a reason I wouldn't ignore." — NSW Premier John Fahey, explaining his abrupt reversal of the view that there was "no
By Frank Enright With nearly 50% of the population coming from homes where a language other than English is spoken, rugby league club Canterbury-Bankstown has decided to reorient its promotion of the game. Easter Monday was the third
Regional authority for Torres Strait Following recent council elections, Torres Strait islands' elected chairpersons, who currently make up the Island Coordinating Council (ICC), will automatically become councillors on the Torres Strait
By Tony Hastings NSW native forests are currently facing an unnecessary crisis. Logging areas are to be extended without proper environmental studies. According to Tom McLoughlin of the Wilderness Society, there are 250,000 hectares of
By John Nebauer BRISBANE — The Criminal Justice Commission released its report on the death in police custody of Daniel Yock on April 5. Yock, who died on November 7, was arrested with another Murri youth in Bereton Street after being tailed
Sinn Fein member denied visa By Frank Enright SYDNEY — County Tyrone councillor and Sinn Fein member Barry McElduff was denied a visa to visit Sydney and thus prevented, amongst other things, from addressing the International Green Left
SYDNEY — Four hundred Australian Labor Party left-wingers protested outside a meeting of the party's administrative committee meeting here on April 8; they were demanding the reinstatement of rank and file preselection ballots for two safe Sydney
By Pip Hunter In preparing the 1994-95 budget, the federal government received 57 submissions from business, community, professional, employer and employee organisations. These submissions have been published by the Economic Planning Advisory
Waste dumping loophole closed GENEVA — A major victory was won on March 25 with the consensus adoption of a total ban on the export of toxic waste from OECD countries to non-OECD countries. In what Greenpeace hailed as "a striking victory
'Socialism alive and well' By Bill Mason BRISBANE — "The success of the Democratic Socialist campaign in the recent Brisbane City Council elections shows there is significant support for socialist policies in the general community", Susan
Court seeks return of death penalty By Stephen Robson PERTH — The Western Australian Liberal government of Richard Court is pushing a "law and order" campaign that prominently includes a call for the return of the death penalty.
By Jon Land SYDNEY — The International Green Left Conference, held over the Easter long weekend at the University of New South Wales, brought together a wide range of activists and concerned individuals to discuss and debate the ecological and
'Stop Khmer Rouge', say campaigners The frightening possibility of a return to power by Pol Pot's Khmer Rouge army in Cambodia has not been eliminated, according to Australian campaigners. Both the Campaign to Oppose the Return of the Khmer
By Alex Bainbridge SYDNEY — Young environmentalists from all over Australia gathered in Sydney to attend Environmental Youth Alliance's fifth national conference on April 5. The conference was opened by eminent environmentalists Susan George


Bougainville fighting continues By Frank Enright The Bougainville Interim Government has moved to clear up any misunderstanding over comments by its United Nations representative, Mike Forster. Forster, in an interview with NBC radio, was
By Max Lane On April 4 the Suharto regime's recently established Human Rights Commission surprised everybody by issuing a two-page statement criticising irregularities in the handling of the case of the murder of worker activist Marsinah.
By Ndungi Wa Mungai Kenya could be the next country to explode into civil war. This is the conclusion of a detailed study by the US-based Africa Watch on the current state-sponsored inter-ethnic violence. At the time of the report in
Andres Perez is an ex-member of the CCS (Central Campesina Salvadorena), a peasant organisation affiliated to the CGT (Confederacion General de Trabajadores — General Workers Confederation). He fled El Salvador after the general secretary of the
By Francisco T. Sobrino BUENOS AIRES — Paraguay, as a result of long periods of political turbulence and war, has remained socially and economically backward. Only 1% of the population of 5 million owns 80% of the land. Nearly 10 million
Printed here are major excerpts from the election manifesto of the African National Congress for South Africa's first democratic election. On 27 April, for the first time in our history, all of us will stand tall and proud as equal citizens in
On March 27, the Italian right-wing Freedom Alliance, led by billionaire media magnate Silvio Berlusconi, won a big majority in the country's parliament. LUCIANA CASTELLINA, a member of the European parliament for the Italian Party of Communist
By Norm Dixon DURBAN — Wandering along the "Golden Mile" — Durban's tacky hotel-lined stretch of beach front, a cross between Surfers Paradise and Kings Cross — and seeing the throngs of South Africans of all races enjoying the sun and
By Margaret Gleeson SAN SALVADOR — Four women former comandantes are among the FMLN deputies elected on March 20. They are Lorena Pena Mendosa (Rebecca Palacios), Ana Guadalupe Martinez, Nidia Diaz and Norma Guevara. Speaking to Green


By Tamara Desiatov and Fernando Whittaker PERTH — Around 30,000 people attended the Multicultural Festival at Sorrento Quay on Sunday, March 27. A feast of events celebrated the end of a Multicultural Week as well as the Year of the Family.
An All Consuming Passion: Origins, Modernity, and the Australian Life of Georgiana Molloy By William J. Lines Allen and Unwin. 332 pp. Reviewed by Geraldine McKenzie Georgiana Molloy discovered no rivers, opened up no large tracts of land,
By Frank Enright SYDNEY — "It is a fantastic ideal to introduce people to the fact that you're not a working stiff, but you are a person that has talents you probably don't know you have, or you've got an appreciation of all sorts of other
La Scorta (The Bodyguards) Directed by Ricky Tognazzi Mandolin Cinema, Sydney, from April 14 Reviewed by Paul Walker The crisis of the Italian state, which culminated in changing the electoral system and the victory of the far right in the
Links: International Journal of Socialist Renewal A quarterly published by New Course Publications, Sydney $6.50, 128pp. Reviewed by Martin Roe An exclusive interview with Sandinista leader and former Nicaraguan president Daniel Ortega is
Spare Ass Annie and other tales William S. Burroughs Island Records Reviewed by Arun Pradhan Spare Ass Annie and Other Tales combines the raspy, monotone voice of William Burroughs with the music of the Disposable Heroes of Hiphoprisy. We
For the animals In defense of animals Various artists Shock Records Reviewed by John-Paul Nassif "Our task must be to free ourselves by widening our circle of compassion to embrace all living creatures and the whole of nature in its
Especially on Sunday The Blue Dog Both directed by Giuseppe Bertolucci Snow on Fire Directed by Marco Tullio Giordana At the Dendy, Martin Place, from April 21 Reviewed by Pip Hinman "You're single and lonely. Get yourself a wife or


No workers' paradise On March 30 civilisation as we knew it ended, or so the employers' representatives would have us believe: Australian workers have been granted jobs virtually for life. ACTU secretary Bill Kelty described the event as the