Issue 105


Help for FMLN

By Paul Ingwersen

The Canberra-based Committee to Defend Human Rights in El Salvador is coordinating an effort to send material to assist the Farabundo Martí National Liberation Front (FMLN) in its election campaign.

Brisbane march launches Pride Festival

By Nick Everett

BRISBANE — Five hundred people participated on Saturday, June 26, in a march and rally organised by the Lesbian and Gay Pride collective as a commemoration of Stonewall and as the

Koalas invade Boral office

SYDNEY — Supporters of the Wingham Forest Action Group wielding chainsaws an dressed in koala suits stormed the offices of the Boral Corporation on June 24 to protest against logging of NSW old growth forests.

Opposition to new reactor

Greenpeace, the Greens (WA) and the Sutherland Shire Council last week announced their united opposition to a new nuclear reactor anywhere in Australia.

The move follows recent suggestions that a new reactor,

Anti-gay violence in NSW schools

By Karen Fredericks

SYDNEY — The NSW Gay and Lesbian Teachers and Students Association (GaLTaS) has welcomed the introduction of state legislation prohibiting vilification of homosexuals, but says that

By Lyndall Barnett

MELBOURNE — About 600 women and men marched here on June 19 to demand justice for women. Organised by the recently formed Justice for Women Action Collective, the rally protested against the lack of commitment to women's

Timor vigil

MELBOURNE — Supporters of East Timor are holding weekly vigils outside the Garuda Airlines office to protest against the imprisonment of Xanana Gusmao and other leaders of the East Timorese struggle for independence.


PSU action blocks unfair sacking

By Dan Riley

MELBOURNE — Public Sector Union members in Department of Social Security (Area West) who took industrial action in support of a sacked temporary employee have won his reinstatement for the

By Karen Fredericks

SYDNEY — An attempt by the NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service (NPWS) to prevent distribution of a book on wildlife smuggling has been defeated. The book details involvement of NPWS officers in the illegal

Community health hits back

By Jeremy Smith

MELBOURNE — Chanting "Save our community centre" and "Fuck Kennett, not health", a spirited rally of 150 people marched through the streets of Collingwood on June 16. Proposals by the

Squatters take on Sydney University

By Carla Gorton

SYDNEY — Squatters reoccupied houses owned by Sydney University in Katherine Street, Forest Lodge on June 21. The action was part of a campaign by Direct Action Against Homelessness

Environment seminar planned

By David Lasscock

ADELAIDE — The Better Environment for West Torrens (BEWT) group is celebrating its third birthday with a major seminar, "Inventing the future — Tandanya Bioregion".

BEWT operates

By Norrian Rundle

MELBOURNE — The second round of Kennett government state school closures is under way. In May the Directorate of School Education issued a paper misleadingly called "Quality Provision of Education in Victoria" which set

Protesters stop woodchip train

By Francesca Alice

PERTH — A group of 200 south-west residents and protesters peacefully stopped a woodchip train at Balingup, 200 km south of here, on the afternoon of June 19. The train was on its way

By Di Quin

MELBOURNE — Recent elections of the Building Workers Industrial Union division of the Construction, Forestry and Energy Workers' Union (CFMEU) in Victoria are seen as an important step towards creating a united union within the

Ecopolitics VII at Griffith

Ecopolitics VII, to be held at Griffith University July 2-4, will have a strong emphasis on global environmental issues and on the links between the environmental, peace, women's and indigenous movements.



By Renfrey Clarke

MOSCOW — On June 19 a massive 12-day strike wave in the Ukraine, centred on the country's coal miners, began drawing to an uneasy close. But the fight had already spread; on June 21 Russian coal unionists began a picket

By Nick Johnson

PHNOM PENH — A new interim coalition government finally emerged on June 18, nearly three weeks after the end of Cambodia's UN-run elections. The agreement promises an element of stability and the chance to begin desperately

Seven young East Timorese entered the Swedish and Finnish embassies in Jakarta on June 23 to ask for political asylum. After being told that the Finish embassy would not help, the four Timorese in that embassy left after receiving "guarantees"

Campus clash in Jakarta

Troops and police have attacked protesting students, injuring several and wrecking various parts of the National Science and Technology Institute campus in the capital.

According to a statement issued by the

650 attend New Zealand peace conference

By Ciaron O'Reilly

Some 650 New Zealand activists gathered in Wellington for the "Peace, Power and Politics" conference on the queen's birthday long weekend.

The conference was held on the 25th

By Peter Boyle

MELBOURNE — Leaders of the Somali community in Australia, the Somali Relief Association and Community Aid Abroad have protested against the recent military actions by United States and United Nations forces in Somalia. The

Urge UN to act on blockade of Cuba

By Pat Brewer

Last November the United Nations General Assembly sharply rebuffed the United States for its economic blockade of Cuba by passing a Cuban-sponsored resolution calling for repeal of the

Filipinos fight Australian power plant

An Australian company, Arch Print Pty Ltd, is about to start building a power plant only 150 metres from houses in the village of Tanza on Manila Bay.

The plant will be diesel for at least the first

By Stephen Marks

MANAGUA — Nicaraguans have contributed more than 20 tons of powdered milk, food, medicines and school materials to Cuba in response to the "pound of milk for the children of Cuba" campaign.

One of the organisers of

Indian villagers evicted for dam

Police have begun evicting villagers opposed to the giant dam on the Narmada River in central India. More than 22,000 villagers have vowed to drown in the rising waters rather than leave their homes.


By Irina Glushchenko

MOSCOW — Late at night in a town in southern Russia, two youths are breaking into a car. Suddenly they are disturbed. They take to their heels, but are run down; they gasp with fear, because the squad of men in peaked


Very political tones

Sing Out for Ireland
Wolfe Tones
Distributed by Larrikin
Reviewed by Bernie Brian

The Dublin-based Wolfe Tones have probably been around as long as the Chieftains but are not as well known. Could it have

Blood Brothers
Four-part series on SBS Television
Screening weekly starting Tuesday, July 6, 8.30 p.m. (8.00 Adelaide)
Reviewed by Ignatius Kim

Over the last 15 years or so, we have seen the rise of a strong cultural activity by

A film by Jean-Claude Lauzon
From late June at Kino, Melbourne
Reviewed by Mario Giorgetti

Canadian writer-director Jean-Claude Lauzon, whose first film, Night Zoo (1987), was well awarded but left many critics unconvinced,

Big-hearted baboon

Untamed Heart
Directed by Tony Bill
Starring Christian Slater, Marisa Tomei, Rosie Perez
Rated M. At Village and Hoyts
Reviewed by Ulrike Erhardt

A love story in the old-fashioned sense of devotion — a

Benny's Video
Directed by Michael Haneke (Austria, 1992)
With Arno Frisch, Angela Winkler
Premiered in Australia at the 42nd Melbourne International Film Festival
Reviewed by Margarita Windisch

Benny's Video is the second part of a

Fulani Groove

By Margarita Windisch

Combine seven talented and enthusiastic musicians with a spicy mix of afro-funk, reggae, ska and rap, and you get Fulani Groove.

The name of this Melbourne-based band is a tribute to the great

33 Revolutions Per Minute
Phonogram records
Reviewed by Zanny Begg

Emerging out of the Bristol rap scene, Marxman are cool in style and uncompromising in politics. Their debut album is called 33 Revolutions Per Minute, and by

Surviving the Blues: Growing up in the Thatcher Decade
Edited by Joan Scanlon
Virago, 1990. 198 pp. $19.95
Reviewed by Vannessa Hearman

This book is not new, but it's so good that it would be a pity to ignore it. It consists of essays