Fulani Groove


Fulani Groove

By Margarita Windisch

Combine seven talented and enthusiastic musicians with a spicy mix of afro-funk, reggae, ska and rap, and you get Fulani Groove.

The name of this Melbourne-based band is a tribute to the great west African musician Youssou N'Dour and the nomadic Fulani people of the Sahara region.

Fulani Groove has been together on stage for about six months. It is already becoming one of the favourite bands in the alternative music scene.

One of the most striking aspects of Fulani Groove is a quite unusual and daring fusion of styles combined with lots of originals reflecting social issues. Rumour has it that there will even be a couple of new jazzy numbers extending their already diverse song repertoire soon.

The band's original "Walking in Dandy" — which takes up unemployment in Dandenong — has placed itself deeply in the hearts of the band's growing following, as has its challenging rap version of "Wild Thing", performed by saxophonist and explosive rapper Jane.

A typical two-hour gig is packed with a seemingly never-ending string of new songs but also offers covers such as Angelique Kidjo's "Batonga" or Beat's "Mirror in the Bathroom". Fulani Groove also offers a lot of good old fun on the dance floor.

Fulani Groove will be playing at the Resistance and Green Left Weekly Dinner Dance on Saturday, July 3, Melbourne University Union Buffet. Dinner at 7.30 p.m., band starts 10 pm. Bookings 329 1277.