Brisbane march launches Pride Festival By Nick Everett BRISBANE — Five hundred people participated on Saturday, June 26, in a march and rally organised by the Lesbian and Gay Pride collective as a commemoration of Stonewall and as the
Just awful "There is nothing worse than being ushered from the plane into a car in front of other passengers." — Counsel for Neil Pickard, sacked NSW agent-general to London, on the hardships of the job, which included an official car.
By Anne Casey More than 150 countries signed the Biodiversity Convention, in principle, a year ago at the Earth Summit (UNCED) in Rio de Janeiro, but the agreement is still a long way from doing anything very concrete to preserve species
Seven young East Timorese entered the Swedish and Finnish embassies in Jakarta on June 23 to ask for political asylum. After being told that the Finish embassy would not help, the four Timorese in that embassy left after receiving "guarantees"
By Nick Johnson PHNOM PENH — A new interim coalition government finally emerged on June 18, nearly three weeks after the end of Cambodia's UN-run elections. The agreement promises an element of stability and the chance to begin desperately
Surviving the Blues: Growing up in the Thatcher Decade Edited by Joan Scanlon Virago, 1990. 198 pp. $19.95 Reviewed by Vannessa Hearman This book is not new, but it's so good that it would be a pity to ignore it. It consists of essays
Squatters take on Sydney University By Carla Gorton SYDNEY — Squatters reoccupied houses owned by Sydney University in Katherine Street, Forest Lodge on June 21. The action was part of a campaign by Direct Action Against Homelessness
Urge UN to act on blockade of Cuba By Pat Brewer Last November the United Nations General Assembly sharply rebuffed the United States for its economic blockade of Cuba by passing a Cuban-sponsored resolution calling for repeal of the
Campus clash in Jakarta Troops and police have attacked protesting students, injuring several and wrecking various parts of the National Science and Technology Institute campus in the capital. According to a statement issued by the
SNAGS in the New World Order Military strategists have long understood the importance of rigorous psychological training for the formation of an efficient and disciplined fighting force. Indeed, inculcation of a deep-seated and unquestioning
The founding conference of the Alliance 90 Greens Party was held in Leipzig on May 14-16. It marked the unification of the West German Greens and Bündnis 90, from the former East Germany. Frieder Otto Wolfe, a lecturer at Berlin University
Goss to trade national park By Maurice Sibelle BRISBANE — The state Labor government has angered conservationists with a proposal to hand over 60 hectares of Woodwark Bay National Park, north of Airlie Beach on the Whitsunday coast of