By Irina Glushchenko MOSCOW — Late at night in a town in southern Russia, two youths are breaking into a car. Suddenly they are disturbed. They take to their heels, but are run down; they gasp with fear, because the squad of men in peaked
Squatters take on Sydney University By Carla Gorton SYDNEY — Squatters reoccupied houses owned by Sydney University in Katherine Street, Forest Lodge on June 21. The action was part of a campaign by Direct Action Against Homelessness
Fulani Groove By Margarita Windisch Combine seven talented and enthusiastic musicians with a spicy mix of afro-funk, reggae, ska and rap, and you get Fulani Groove. The name of this Melbourne-based band is a tribute to the great
Surviving the Blues: Growing up in the Thatcher Decade Edited by Joan Scanlon Virago, 1990. 198 pp. $19.95 Reviewed by Vannessa Hearman This book is not new, but it's so good that it would be a pity to ignore it. It consists of essays
Publishing schedule Because so many of the people involved in Green Left's production and distribution will be attending the Resistance conference in Melbourne, we will not be producing a paper next week. The next issue of Green Left Weekly will
Goss to trade national park By Maurice Sibelle BRISBANE — The state Labor government has angered conservationists with a proposal to hand over 60 hectares of Woodwark Bay National Park, north of Airlie Beach on the Whitsunday coast of
By Stephen Marks MANAGUA — Nicaraguans have contributed more than 20 tons of powdered milk, food, medicines and school materials to Cuba in response to the "pound of milk for the children of Cuba" campaign. One of the organisers of
The founding conference of the Alliance 90 Greens Party was held in Leipzig on May 14-16. It marked the unification of the West German Greens and Bündnis 90, from the former East Germany. Frieder Otto Wolfe, a lecturer at Berlin University
By Norrian Rundle MELBOURNE — The second round of Kennett government state school closures is under way. In May the Directorate of School Education issued a paper misleadingly called "Quality Provision of Education in Victoria" which set
By Di Quin MELBOURNE — Recent elections of the Building Workers Industrial Union division of the Construction, Forestry and Energy Workers' Union (CFMEU) in Victoria are seen as an important step towards creating a united union within the
Very political tones Sing Out for Ireland Wolfe Tones Distributed by Larrikin Reviewed by Bernie Brian The Dublin-based Wolfe Tones have probably been around as long as the Chieftains but are not as well known. Could it have
Protesters stop woodchip train By Francesca Alice PERTH — A group of 200 south-west residents and protesters peacefully stopped a woodchip train at Balingup, 200 km south of here, on the afternoon of June 19. The train was on its way
By Renfrey Clarke MOSCOW — On June 19 a massive 12-day strike wave in the Ukraine, centred on the country's coal miners, began drawing to an uneasy close. But the fight had already spread; on June 21 Russian coal unionists began a picket
All over the world Simon Paglia is a volunteer with Saint Vincent de Paul's night patrol in Sydney, which distributes sustenance to the city's homeless. One of these homeless souls belongs to Gerald Franklin. He likes to go about the city
By Sean Malloy Islamic fundamentalism, and Islam in general, cannot be taken out of historical and political context. Western media hype portraying Islam as an inspiration for terror clouds the real nature of Islam in the Middle East. Green
Brisbane march launches Pride Festival By Nick Everett BRISBANE — Five hundred people participated on Saturday, June 26, in a march and rally organised by the Lesbian and Gay Pride collective as a commemoration of Stonewall and as the


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