Fred Fuentes, Hanoi Enrique Ramos, president of the Venezuelan National Institute of Youth, told the February 27-28 Hanoi preparatory meeting for the 16th World Festival of Youth and Students, to be held in Caracas, that the festival "would be a
Doug Lorimer On March 11 the US government announced it would back the diplomatic efforts of Britain, France and Germany — the "EU-3" — in offering Iran economic incentives to abandon its plans to carry out uranium enrichment for its nuclear
Peter Boyle Jess Melvin, a 20-year-old student of Inonesian studies at Sydney University recently returned from a week in Aceh with the CARE Aceh aid workers, told Green Left Weekly that three months after the tsunami hundreds of thousands of
Teresa Foard, Melbourne "It is only when women have safe, affordable and accessible reproductive health care that abortion rates go down", said Dr Susie Allanson, clinical psychologist at the Melbourne Fertility Control Clinic. Allanson was
BRISBANE — At workplace meetings held around the country in the early part of February, members of the Community and Public Sector Union (CPSU) employed in Centrelink overwhelmingly endorsed a union bargaining position for upcoming negotiations
On March 14, Judge Frank O'Donell declared a mistrial in the prosecution of five peace activists, members of the Trident Plughshares, charged with criminal damage after de-arming a warplane at Shannon Airport in 2003. The Trident plane was bound for
Peter Boyle In the first week of April, Austrade, AusAID and the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) will be conducting seminars in all major Australian cities "to give Australian companies a detailed understanding of reconstruction
Stuart Munckton On March 11 the constitutional chamber of Venezuela's Supreme Court annulled the infamous decision made by the court on August 14, 2002, that set free the four military officers who led the April 2002 coup against left-wing
Doug Lorimer In a March 14 article for the British Guardian, investigative journalist Naomi Klein pointed out that, as the US is increasingly exposed — "Brand USA is in trouble" — as the world's biggest terrorist, it is desperate to rebrand
PM John Howard spent more than $500 of public funds per week on alcohol at his two official residences, the Lodge and Kirribilli House, during the last financial year. Howard's spending on alcohol reached $27,196 during the 12 months to July 2004.
Frances Daily, St Marys South Sister, a local icon, tourist destination, recreation area for local residents and source of water for domestic and agricultural/horticultural use, is about to be logged for woodchips. South Sister forms part of the
Bill Mason, Brisbane While tensions continue to rise between the Aboriginal community on Palm Island, near Townsville, and the Queensland state Labor government, it has been revealed that some police officers involved in the "riot" on the island
Members of the Gana and Gwi bushmen tribes of the Kalahari used the March 8-12 World Tourism Fair in Berlin to launch a boycott call. The Gana and Gwi are calling for a moratorium on tourist development in the Kalahiri Game Reserve until they are
Across the world on March 19 and 20, activists rallied against the war in Iraq. In London, up to 200,000 people marched in on the US embassy, chanting, "George Bush, Uncle Sam, Iraq will be your Vietnam!". A full report on the London protest is
Allen Myers, Phnom Penh The Cambodian government is under pressure to allow a controversial trial of the anti-HIV drug tenofovir. A planned trial of the drug was banned by Prime Minister Hun Sen last August after vocal protests by sex workers, whom
Eva Cheng Just as China completed its top leadership transition during the 10-day annual parliamentary session which ended on March 14, it upped the ante with Taiwan, seeking to intimidate any future efforts by the island to seek formal


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