Ashwin Desai & Richard Pithouse, Durban In the 10th year of South African democracy, we are forced to confront a number of sobering facts. For the purposes of this short article we'd like to highlight just five. The first is that the ANC has
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Jon Lamb, Darwin While the federal Coalition government remains tight-lipped about the likelyhood of a new United States military base in Australia, opposition to such a facility continues to grow. Darwin has been earmarked as a suitable site for a
SYDNEY — Forty Socialist Alliance members marched in the 25th annual Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras Parade behind a banner reading "Medicare not warfare". The parade, held on March 6, was observed by at least 250,000 people, despite constant
NEWCASTLE — One-hundred TAFE workers from around the Hunter region rallied at Newcastle TAFE campus on March 12. The workers, members of the NSW Public Service Association, resolved to reinforce industrial bans to win back 50 jobs cut through NSW
Unemployment benefits, that is "Capitalism generates fantastic wealth, and the benefits accrue almost entirely to the least of these among us." — Art Carden, in a March 8 article "Why they hate the market", written for the web site of the
Eva Cheng The re-emergence of concurrent deficits in the external current account and the federal budget of the United States — dubbed the "twin deficits" — and the likelihood of them continuing to grow for a long time, has reignited a debate
End the occupation! In 2003, a clear majority opposed Australia joining the US in its war for oil in Iraq. The contemptuous Howard government retorted that removing Saddam Hussein was a matter of urgency because its "weapons of mass destruction"
Doug Lorimer On March 2, a dozen suicide bombers killed 181 worshippers, injuring another 573, outside Shiite Muslim shrines in Karbala and Baghdad. US officials immediately claimed the attacks were part of a plot by Jordanian-born Islamic
Job search training After being on New Start Allowance for three months, four to six weeks of job search training is compulsory, or your payment is affected. I have just started job search training and have found it to be patronising, often
In December, the US-appointed Iraqi Governing Council (IGC) passed resolution 137, which, if it had been approved by the Paul Bremer, head of the US-dominated Coalition Provisional Authority, would have overturned Iraq's pre-war secular Personal
Chris Slee, Melbourne Speaking to at least 500 people at a public meeting at Melbourne University on March 11, British freelance journalist Yvonne Ridley detailed the lies and manipulation of the media by the US and British governments during the