BY BARRY SHEPPARD SAN FRANCISCO — On September 3, five of the candidates hoping to replace the Democrats' Gray Davis as governor of California, should he be recalled on October 7, took part in a nationally televised debate. The five were selected
BY SALLY HARBISON "We are Aboriginal Women — Yankunytjatjara, Antikarinya and Kokatha. We know the country. We know the stories for the land. We are worrying for the country and we're worrying for our kids. We say, 'No radioactive dump in our
"As Australia's divorce laws stand, one spouse can simply apply for a divorce and get it without any questions asked and that's the end of the marriage. Reform will force both parents to really face up to the costs of the divorce", Barry Maley told
BY ROBERTO JORQUERA Since the election of Hugo Chavez in 1998 as the president of Venezuela, a process of fundamental social change has been unfolding in that country, called the "Bolivarian revolution" by its supporters. Alvaro Guzman, the
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BY CHRISTIANO KERRILA The increasingly radical Venezuelan government headed by President Hugo Chavez is continuing its international diplomatic "offensive" against US imperialism in both its military and economic manifestations. This offensive
CHRIS BAMBERY, national secretary of the British Socialist Workers Party (SWP), spoke to Green Left Weekly's PETER BOYLE on September 5. Bambery was in Sydney to attend the International Socialist Organisation's Marxism 2003 conference. How big is
BY MARY MERKENICH In the week preceding the September 17 Australia- wide day of industrial action by teachers' unions, including 24-hour strikes by teachers in three states and a half day stop-work in the ACT, the Victorian branch of the Australian
BY LESLIE RICHMOND ADELAIDE — With the fate of five teachers forcibly transferred from Craigmore High School unresolved, there has been a disturbing silence from the Australian Education Union (AEU) in South Australia. The removal of the five
Delegates to the annual British Trade Union Congress conference on September 10 unanimously backed a motion calling for "work through the United Nations for the withdrawal without delay of coalition troops and for control of Iraq to be given to the
BY NIKKI ULASOWSKI PERTH — An October 25 "End the occupation of Iraq" rally has been planned as the main focus of anti-war activists here. A mass anti-war march on Perth, initiated by the Perth No War Alliance, will coincide with rallies planned
BY JOHN PILGER LONDON — For the past few weeks, I have been watching videotapes of the US-led attack on Iraq. Most of the tapes have not bee shown in Britain. They concentrate on the epic suffering of ordinary Iraqis. There are photographs, too,
BY JAMES BALOWSKI JAKARTA — Indonesian government officials and high-ranking military officers have been hinting that, despite the military's (TNI) much-touted successes in its war against the separatist Free Aceh Movement (GAM) in the province
In many ways the content of US President George Bush's September 7 "address to the nation" was unremarkable. Aimed at those in the US who are increasingly disturbed by the Iraqi resistance to the US occupation of their country, it featured many of
BY JAMES VASSILOPOULOS CANBERRA — Preparations have begun to make the protests against US President George Bush as large as possible. Bush will visit Canberra sometime after the October 21 APEC meeting held in Bangkok, Thailand. An informal
BY RUSSELL PICKERING PERTH — Fifty building sites from Woodvale to Kwinana ground to a halt on September 8 as 4000 construction workers downed tools for 24 hours to protest the death toll in the building industry. The latest fatality, that of a


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