1. Attend the meeting at 10 mile Bush Camp, Coober Pedy, South Australia, September 29 to October 1, an invitation to all has been extended to all! More information is at <http://www.iratiwanti.org> 2. Join the (women's only) Kungka Tjuta
Iraqi refugees protest deportation threat BRISBANE — Iraqi refugees and their supporters rallied in King George Square on September 11 to protest the federal government's refugee policies and demand full rights for temporary protection
Picasso's War: The Extraordinary Story of an Artist, an Atrocity and a Painting that Changed the WorldBy Russell MartinScribner, 2003274 pages, $39.95 (hb) REVIEW BY PHIL SHANNON "If cities are destroyed by flames, if women and children are
BY CHRIS SLEE MELBOURNE — The Victorian Peace Network (VPN) decided at its meeting on September 9 not to organise a rally to coincide with US President George Bush's visit to Australia. However the meeting, attended by 21 people, agreed to fund
BY PETER BAKER HOBART — On September 11, 150 members of the Liquor, Hospitality and Miscellaneous Workers Union (LHMWU) held a march and rally drawing attention to their campaign for smoke-free work places. The protest action was called to put
Imperious request "We cannot let past differences interfere with present duties." — Emperor George Bush II, September 6, "asking" for France, China and Russia not to veto the creation of a UN-approved, US commanded multinational combat force in
BY JACK A. SMITH The Bush administration is in a panic as its political, military and economic house of cards in Iraq is beginning to collapse card by card. Nothing but an impending debacle that might subvert President George Bush's re-election
BY EMMA MURPHY Hundreds of people around Australia have attended meetings featuring Alvaro Guzman, the national director of the Venezuelan Bolivarian Student Front. Guzman began a national speaking tour with a meeting in Hobart on September 8,
BY EVA CHENG On September 5, the Hong Kong government indefinitely shelved its highly controversial anti-subversion law (Article 23 of the Basic Law, the territory's quasi-constitution) after a series of massive protests since December. Article 23
BY CHRISTANO KERRILA A revolution is unfolding in Venezuela and a life and death struggle is taking place between the future and the past. Venezuela's mainstream national media is almost totally monopolised by the corrupt capitalist oligarchy.


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