BY JOHN PILGER LONDON — The war against terrorism is a fraud. After three weeks' bombing, not a single terrorist implicated in the attacks on America has been caught or killed in Afghanistan. Instead, one of the poorest, most stricken nations has
BY EVA CHENG United States pro-war "hawks" are fast lining their pockets from the war on Afghanistan — including a company linked to President Bush. With high stakes in extensive war-related investments, the Carlyle Group is one company that
BY SARAH STEPHEN In the days before the November 10 federal election, the Australian government's punitive policy toward asylum seekers began to backfire on the Coalition government. A wave of former prime ministers, former Labor and Liberal
BY CHRISTOPHER PERKINS WOLLONGONG — The year-long Illawarra TAFE library industrial dispute came to an end on November 1 with the signing of a dispute resolution agreement that restricts temporary staffing arrangements across the Illawarra
BY JO ELLIS DARWIN — On November 6, 50 people attended a forum organised by the No to War and Racism collective (NOWAR). Under the slogan "War is not the answer", the speakers addressed how peace can be achieved. Prath Prathapan, president of
The regroupment of the revolutionary left in the Philippines has taken a great leap forward, with the August announcement by the Sosyalistang Partido ng Paggawa (SPP, Socialist Party of Labour) and the Partido ng Manggagawang Pilipina (PMP,
BY AMIR SUHAIL RAWALPINDI — Thousands of peace activists protested in the northern city of Rawalpindi on November 6, demanding an end to the US bombing of Afghanistan and denouncing the terror of religious fundamentalism. The rally was
The re-election of Prime Minister John Howard's Coalition government in the November 10 federal poll was the result of resurgence of anti-Arab racism and xenophobia, whipped up by the government and the corporate media. This has been used to justify
[The following statement is being circulated throughout the union movement.] We share the horror of people around the world and condemn the terror attacks in the US on September 11. The killing of almost 7000 people, including many trade unionists,
Freelance photographer John Immig has an eye for the unusual and the militant in his series of recent photographs documenting the rise of new anti-war movement. While some of his shots will be featured in coming issues of Green Left Weekly, they are
BY NIKKI ULASOWSKI The US-led war against the people of Afghanistan places a big responsibility on student activists. This new imperialist offensive is likely to be a long one, resulting in massive human and ecological costs. Our task is to build
BY VIV MILEY Political interference by members of the ruling class in a federal election is hardly a rare occurance, especially by those with unmatched levels of "free speech", so when one of the world's most powerful media barons stepped up to