BY EVA CHENG As Washington's war against Afghanistan neared the end of its first month, US President George Bush raised the stakes by introducing the highly lethal 6800-kilogram "Daisy Cutter" bomb. "Like a nuclear weapon without the fallout" is
And ain't I a woman: Women peace campaigners intimidated On September 24, Kate Raphael, a left-wing Jewish activist who lives in Berkeley, California, was approached by Federal Bureau of Investigation agents, who attempted to question her
Fighting sexism "As a Hispanic woman living in the United States, I am faced with a mixture of two worlds: one where men tell women what to do and another where women are independent and make their own decisions." — Pilar Verdes, Atlanta
BY GRANT COLEMAN PERTH — Following a successful anti-war forum last month on Curtin University, 18 staff members and students met on November 7 to organise the anti-war campaign on campus. The majority of those at the meeting were concerned
BY FIDEL CASTRO [The following is an abridged version of the first part of a nationally televised address given on November 2 by Cuban President Fidel Castro.] To characterise the current situation, one could say, by way of a very brief summary,
Iranian Filmmaker Tahmineh Milani faces execution if convicted in her trial in Tehran. Milani was arrested on the orders of Iran's Revolutionary Council as she was promoting the film The Hidden Half, which she wrote and directed. The Hidden Half
Obviously not with the PR department "The people there are dead because we wanted them dead." — comment to CNN by an unidentified Pentagon official on the obliteration by US helicopter-gunships on October 22 of the Afghan village of
BY SEAN HEALY Ever watched a mouse run around and around on a treadmill? Well, that's the position of workers under the terms of "free trade" agreements — except rather than one mouse per treadmill, it's billions of us, all competing against each
BY ALISON DELLIT "We stood up for our principles against the power of the major parties and we have stood tall", indigenous activist Sam Watson, the lead Senate candidate for the Socialist Alliance in Queensland, told the alliance's Brisbane
Museworthy: The Subjectivity of Corpses (after Susan Bordo) like legal meat and bonethe corpse said I could not have its corneaI could not have its heartI could not have its kidneynor one lung of its pair at an impassethe corpse and Iwere
BY SARAH STEPHEN As the imperialist powers escalate their war on Afghanistan, refugees continue to flee in their tens of thousands, joining millions in Pakistan and Iran. The scale of the humanitarian crisis is immense, with several million Afghan
In violation of the terms of the Geneva Convention, the United States government intentionally used sanctions against Iraq to degrade the country's water supply during and after the 1991 Gulf War, Defense Intelligence Agency documents have revealed.