BY JIM GREEN The terrorist attack in the United States on September 11 has led to renewed calls for the Australian government to cancel its plan to build a 20-megawatt nuclear research reactor in the southern Sydney suburb of Lucas Heights. But the
BY ROHAN PEARCE SYDNEY — "The attacks on Afghanistan are already costing lives. There are lots of people who can see the hypocrisy of George Bush calling for justice for the victims of the September 11 attacks and then bombing Afghanistan and
BY NORM DIXON On October 7, US President George Bush announced that the shooting war component of the US military's "Operation Enduring Freedom" was underway. But perhaps a more apt title for the US war on Afghanistan would be Operation Enduring
BY RENFREY CLARKE In a cave in a remote valley of the Hindu Kush, a bearded man is holed up. He is the person responsible, more than any other, for the worst outrages of modern terrorism. He must be located, captured, killed. How to find him? He
BY OWEN RICHARDS SYDNEY — A student occupation of the Goolangullia Aboriginal unit at the Bankstown campus of the University of Western Sydney has entered its third week. The occupation — a rejection of a university restructure and its effects
BY ROB INDER-SMITH DARWIN — Socialist Alliance senate candidate Gary Meyerhoff dropped a bombshell on live television on October 4 when he suggested that Northern Territory's chief minister Clare Martin had "just lied to us on national TV" about
BY HEBA SALEH CAIRO — As the United States raises the battle cry against terrorism, Algeria's military rulers — struggling with their own Islamist opposition — can clearly see an opportunity coming their way. Often criticised for their human
@box text intr = In a speech to the British Labour Party's annual conference on October 2, billed as the formal announcement of war with Afghanistan, Tony Blair outlined the sort of world the imperialist powers' claim they want to construct out of
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BY BRONWEN BEECHEY ADELAIDE — "George W. Bush has said that anyone who is not supporting his 'war against terrorism' is standing with the terrorists. Well, we are here to tell George W. Bush that we don't stand with him or with the terrorists. We


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