Resistance rocks Rockhampton



ROCKHAMPTON — Its launch was long-awaited by many on campus, but the newly formed Resistance club at Central Queensland University has burst into action with two public forums in quick succession, urging Rockhampton students, academics and community members to oppose the US's war in the Middle East.

An earlier forum, attended by 25 people, provoked considerable interest, prompting organisers to call a second forum for October 11, with only a week's notice.

The day started off with Resistance activist Jen Hayward and academic Dr Muhammad Salam speaking on ABC radio about war and terrorism and prompting many calls of public support.

At lunch time the forum began with about 50 people, with many passers-by stopping to check it out. Speakers included Salam, Surianah Rosli from the local Muslim community, Paul La Barbara, a visiting member of the Greens USA and Paul Glenning of the Capricorn Conservation Council.

Support for the anti-war message was enormous, with people clapping in the middle of speakers, and many people making contributions to the discussion. The local newspaper and television network also covered the event.

The discussion continued that night, at a forum attended by about 50 people including representatives of several church groups and the anti-debt group Jubilee 2000, environmentalists, community activist groups, the Socialist Alliance and CQU Resistance.

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