BY BRONWEN BEECHEY The South Australian Liberal government believed that it was on a winner when it privatised the state's electricity supply. However, it now looks like the move will be a major factor in the government's defeat at the next state
REVIEW BY SIBYLLE KACZOREK& JO ELLIS Organised by Michael Scott, education and community development manager for the Northern Territory AIDS Council, the recently concluded A Walk Through History exhibition presented a historical insight into the
BY SARAH STEPHEN  Public anger is mounting at the federal government's treatment of asylum seekers, following a May 26 raid on the Port Hedland detention centre and the arrest of 22 refugees singled out from a May 11 riot at the
BY MAX LANE JAKARTA — On May 30, an alliance of members of parliament from Golkar (the party of former Indonesian dictator Suharto), the armed forces (TNI), the muslim right-wing Central Axis parties and vice-president Megawati Sukarnoputri's
BY ROWAN CAHILL A selective and mythologised account of the past draws young people to Anzac Day celebrations. The chief of the armed forces is the Australian of the Year. Parliament passes a bill enabling the military to be used domestically
BY ALEX BAINBRIDGE HOBART — Voluntary and forced redundancies at the Incat boat-building company have resulted in Incat’s work force being reduced from 900 to 710. Last year the work force was 1000-strong but workers who left have not been
BY LISA MACDONALD SYDNEY — Chanting "Hands off workers' comp!", 2000 construction workers and their supporters brought lunchtime traffic to a halt as they marched through the city on May 29. The rally was smaller than originally expected due to a
WASHINGTON — The non-profit Centre for Science in the Public Interest has launched an internet site to provide information on links between big corporations and research by scientists, mostly in the fields of nutrition, environment, toxicology and
COMMENT BY ROBERTO JORQUERA  PERTH — According to countless media commentators and letter writers, the M1 protesters who blockaded stock exchanges around the country were violent, undemocratic and hypocritical because they were denying
BY JACQUIE MOON & RACHEL EVANS MELBOURNE — Ten years after the original "D-Day" for action on the HIV/AIDS crisis, activists in the group QUEER have called a D-Day of their own for June 6. The group, whose acronym stands for Queers United to


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