BY SEAN HEALY A majority of people put more trust in the groups who protest outside the summits of major international institutions to operate in the best interests of society than in the representatives of governments and corporations inside the
BY GILBERT HOLMES BRISBANE — A determined band of activists are preparing a blockade in an effort to save Brisbane's last piece of inner-city bushland. The two hectares of bushland, known as "The Gully", have received council approval for a
BY GRAHAM MATTHEWS & CHRIS SLEE  MELBOURNE — “Growing up in this area, I understand that working families are doing it tough. Too many people are worried about losing their jobs or about getting by with casual work”, said Josephine
@box text intr = A global campaign to overturn a US patent on basmati rice has scored a further and near-fatal victory with the announcement that the US Patent and Trademark Office has thrown out 13 of 16 remaining claims from US-based RiceTec's
The people's rollback versus Labor's In the five years since John Howard was elected prime minister, his government has carried through a breathtaking range of attacks on the working class. Key among these were the sale of Telstra, the
AsylumDirected by Claudia Chidiac54 Joseph St, LidcombeShowing May 31-June 9 REVIEW BY VIV MILEY SYDNEY — From the moment you arrive at the venue — a vacant wallpaper shop in Lidcombe — there is a sense of unease. In the main room is an
The Scottish Socialist Party office in Glasgow has been inundated with requests from teachers for campaign packs for school pupils holding mock elections. One teacher phoning from a school in the Gorbals told the party that she has been
BY MAX LANE JAKARTA — On May 30, an alliance of members of parliament from Golkar (the party of former Indonesian dictator Suharto), the armed forces (TNI), the muslim right-wing Central Axis parties and vice-president Megawati Sukarnoputri's
REVIEW BY SIBYLLE KACZOREK& JO ELLIS Organised by Michael Scott, education and community development manager for the Northern Territory AIDS Council, the recently concluded A Walk Through History exhibition presented a historical insight into the
BY ZANNY BEGG SYDNEY — Approximately 20 people came to an M1 Sydney meeting to discuss what the anti-corporate movement would do in Sydney in relation to October 3-5 Commonwealth Business Council forum meeting in Melbourne and the October 6-8
BY MELANIE SJOBERG Unions claim that Qantas is training management to act as strike-breakers in anticipation of a labour dispute over a new enterprise bargaining agreement. Secret training operations, which include teaching up to 75 managers
BY SEAN HEALY While still pushing hard for a new round of trade talks, United States trade representative Robert Zoellick and other senior US officials have signalled that their government has no intention of reviewing imbalances in