BY SARAH STEPHEN Imagine this: it's 2005, and a fundamentalist Christian regime has come to power in New Zealand. In its effort to consolidate power, it is undertaking a campaign of systematic persecution of all those who have organised against it
BY AHMAD NIMER RAMALLAH — The May 15 commemorations here of Al Nakba (the Catastrophe), the anniversary of the 1948 establishment of the State of Israel, held special significance for Palestinians — for not since 1948 itself have the
BY MARK BROWN GLASGOW — In a powerful blow against the anti-refugee bigots, the Campaign to Welcome Refugees here held a 200-strong hustings meeting in the city's Moir Hall on May 24. Representatives of all six parties, including the Scottish
BY SAM WAINWRIGHT SYDNEY — When the 165 employees of Metroshelf in Revesby turned up for work on June 28 they found security guards standing in front of the locked gates. Management told 50 of them that they had been sacked for
BY SARAH PEART & SEAN WALSH MELBOURNE — In scenes reminiscent of the police violence at the S11 protests last September, 250 police officers, including 10 on horseback, assaulted and dispersed a crowd of several hundred protesters peacefully
BY ADAM MACLEAN With an eye on countering a rural backlash, the federal Liberal-National government has announced significant telecommunication policy backflips in the May 22 budget. As well as committing itself to not sell off the
The people's rollback versus Labor's In the five years since John Howard was elected prime minister, his government has carried through a breathtaking range of attacks on the working class. Key among these were the sale of Telstra, the
SAN FRANCISCO — Consider the irony of two events that occurred a couple days apart last month. On May 23, the first Chinese American ever to be elected to the US Congress was denied entry to the Department of Energy offices in Washington, DC. The
@box text intr = A global campaign to overturn a US patent on basmati rice has scored a further and near-fatal victory with the announcement that the US Patent and Trademark Office has thrown out 13 of 16 remaining claims from US-based RiceTec's
BY MELANIE SJOBERG Unions claim that Qantas is training management to act as strike-breakers in anticipation of a labour dispute over a new enterprise bargaining agreement. Secret training operations, which include teaching up to 75 managers
health, hospitals, schools, education, state budget"> = Jails, private schools favoured in NSW budget Jails, private schools favoured in NSW budget BY JENNY LONG SYDNEY — NSW treasurer Michael Egan delivered the state
BY ZANNY BEGG SYDNEY — Approximately 20 people came to an M1 Sydney meeting to discuss what the anti-corporate movement would do in Sydney in relation to October 3-5 Commonwealth Business Council forum meeting in Melbourne and the October 6-8
BY NOREEN NAVIN SYDNEY — Community rallies and protests have resulted in the postponement of the NSW Labor government's plan to close and "restructure" several Sydney schools until 2003. However, public outrage has not prevented education
BY LISA MACDONALD SYDNEY — Sydney has a new indigenous radio station — Koori Radio 93.7FM. After six years of campaigning by the Gadigal Information Service, the Australian Broadcasting Authority finally granted a full-time community radio
“Don't you realize that I could have killed you ten times by now — your monkey boy bodyguards notwithstanding...” — anonymous. The hate-filled words heading this essay are from a bullying letter sent to an African-American student leader at
BY SHANE HOPKINSON Tandem Thrust 2001 is the name of the joint US/Australia military exercise conducted during May in Shoalwater Bay Military Training Area, north of Rockhampton. Some 28,000 US, Australian and Canadian troops were involved and it


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