By Jennifer Long SYDNEY — Members of the Public Service Association (PSA) have voted to accept the NSW government's pay offer of 16% over four and a half years. More than 10,000 members voted to accept the offer, about 75% of total votes cast. A
By Jenny Long SYDNEY — Following the release of a report into pay equity before the last New South Wales election, the campaign for women to paid equal pay to men for work of equal value has met resistance at every step. After Labor Premier Bob
Statement in support of Birzeit University students The Democratic Socialist Party (Australia) sends its solidarity and support to the students of Birzeit who are taking action for the release of students arrested by the Palestinian Authority (PA)
May Day plans under way in Indonesia By May Sari Attended by 50 of its leading members, the Indonesian National Front for Labour Struggle (FNPBI) held its national council meeting in Cisarua, West Java, on February 13-15. The Palembang Workers'
Marxist feminism in action The Democratic Socialist Party and Resistance have placed the issue of women's liberation at the centre of our work since our formation during the youth radicalisation and the "second wave" of feminism in the 1970s. This
By Karen Fletcher (Brisbane) Imagine a world where women have won liberation and participate fully in public and private life; where a woman's skills, talents and intellect are valued and rewarded; where women and girls stride purposefully and
East Timor people's 'indefatigable spirit' By Peter Johnston DILI — On arriving in East Timor, one is struck by how little has been repaired in the months since the militia destruction. Very few buildings were not damaged in the
By Norm Dixon The Turkish government has significantly stepped up repression in the country's Kurdish south-eastern provinces. Ankara is cynically taking advantage of concession's offered by the Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK) and the easing of
Washington on Trial: The People of Cuba Versus the US GovernmentOcean Press, Melbourne, 199944pp, $6.95 Review by Roberto Jorquera Since the 1959 revolution in Cuba, the United States has been at war with it. Few countries have had to face so much
Philippine police attack workers Several dozen heavily armed members of the Philippine National Police's tactical response unit attacked striking workers outside the Royal Sweets factory in the Manila suburb of Pasig on February 25. Some 200
Suzuki on salmon By Alex Bainbridge HOBART — Renowned Canadian environmentalist David Suzuki has criticised the World Trade Organisation's record on ecological issues, telling a public meeting here on February 29 that the WTO could not be
Human cost of government cruelty By Roberto Jorquera PERTH — Opponents of Australia's harsh anti-refugee policies told a public meeting here on March 1 that the federal government is avoiding its international and human rights
By Bec Beirne (Sydney) You only need to glance at any mainstream media outlet to see that the "beauty myth" is alive and flourishing. The recent increase in the amount and blatancy of sexist advertising in Australia is a measure of the concerted
It's called North America "We need to articulate more clearly where we are." — US Senator Craig Thomas, calling for a more threatening stance towards China in relation to Taiwan. Non-core obligations "You can ignore your obligations under an
The new evidence on women's oppression The dispossession of women — A Marxist examination of new evidence on the origins of women's oppression By Pat BewerResistance Books, 200044 pp., $4.95Available from all Resistance Bookshopsor send
By Seth Ackerman As tens of thousands of protesters rallied in Seattle to shut down the opening conference of the World Trade Organisation (WTO) meeting last December, mainstream media treated protesters' concerns with indifference and often


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