After more than two weeks of NATO bombing in the Balkans, and the Serbian army's subsequent escalation of terror, violence and "ethnic cleansing" against the Kosovar people, hundreds of thousands of Albanian-speaking people have been driven from
By Jonathan Singer In March, the Australian Council of Trade Unions presented its case for a third "living wage" increase to the Australian Industrial Relations Commission (AIRC). The ACTU called for the award wages of workers earning from the
1977-78: anti-uranium movement debates strategy By Greg Adamson Following delays under the Labor government of 1972-75, the uranium mining industry felt it was set for a major boost with the election of the federal Coalition government led by
By Allen Myers Phrases like "ancient hatreds" and reminders that World War I was sparked by national conflicts in the Balkans have accompanied much of the establishment media coverage of recent events in Serbia and Kosova — just as they did the
By Jim Green Green parties and politicians in Europe have taken varying positions on the NATO intervention in the Balkans and the future of Kosova. The European Greens adopted a resolution on the Balkans conflict at a March 27-29 council meeting.
By Dick Nichols When Ian Bray, the National MUA Rank and File candidate for assistant secretary , was due to speak at CTAL, P&O Ports' container terminal at Port Botany, he didn't know what to expect. "You never know what reception you're going
More terror in East Timor By Jon Land DILI — Two truck loads of paramilitary gang members careered up and down the street, waving their rifles and spears in the air and doing everything they could to frighten the population out and about on
Habibie regime reneging on East Timor MAX LANE is the national coordinator of Action in Solidarity with Indonesia and East Timor. He spoke to Green Left Weekly about recent events in those countries. Question: Is the Habibie regime looking
Speak-out against war BRISBANE — "Stop the bombing in Kosova!" was the call by the Democratic Socialist Party and Resistance at an emergency speak-out held in the Queen Street Mall here on Friday, April 9. Brisbane DSP organiser Graham Matthews
Workers take protest to five-star hotel By Vannessa Hearman MELBOURNE — A combined delegates rally involving all construction unions is scheduled later this month to discuss the growing problem of non-union labour in the industry. More than
Anti-censorship group Electronic Frontiers Australia has attacked federal government plans to censor the internet as ignorant and draconian. "The proposal by the government sets the debate on internet censorship back three years", said EFA chair Kim
By Graham Matthews BRISBANE — "Socialism into the New Millennium" is to be the title of a conference organised by the Democratic Socialist Party and Resistance here over the ANZAC Day long weekend. "The conference will explore a wide range of
International news briefs Tiananmen protests 1976 and 1989 HONG KONG — About two dozen activists held a protest march on April 5 to commemorate the heroic demonstration by tens of thousands of Chinese in Tiananmen Square, Beijing, 23 years ago
It's all to plan Synopsis, being a summary of what has gone before, for the benefit of those who have only recently joined us: THE HIRED HELP fly over head dropping incendiaries on selected targets. Every night it's bombs away as those
Why NATO won't free Kosova With half the Kosovar population forced to flee their homeland, it is necessary for all progressive people to take a clear position against the war in the Balkans. To make a stand against this war of terror, it is
By Renfrey Clarke MOSCOW — In cities and towns throughout Russia, repressive official policies have helped create a huge pool of narcotics users infected with the HIV virus. The infection is now poised to spread swiftly among young people who are


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