Socialism into the New Millennium conference in Brisbane


By Graham Matthews

BRISBANE — "Socialism into the New Millennium" is to be the title of a conference organised by the Democratic Socialist Party and Resistance here over the ANZAC Day long weekend. "The conference will explore a wide range of political struggles and ideas crucial to the socialist movement today", said Jim McIlroy, DSP Brisbane secretary.

One feature panel is "Indonesia: the unfinished revolution". Noted Indonesian academics Gerry van Klinken, editor of Inside Indonesia, and Greg Pulgrain will join Nick Fredman from the DSP to discuss the road ahead for the Indonesian people in their struggle for a just and democratic nation.

The lessons of the MUA's fight for survival against the attack of Patrick Stevedores and the federal Liberal government last year is the subject of the second feature panel. Dick Nichols, national industrial organiser of the Democratic Socialist Party, will discuss trade union strategy and tactics with Mark Walker, Transport Workers Union organiser in Brisbane, and a special guest from the Martime Union of Australia.

With the federal government's attacks on students through "voluntary student unionism" legislation, Resistance is organising a feature panel "Fight VSU! Fight the Liberals!". Speakers will include Kate Carr, Griffith University Student Representative Council joint education officer, and Peter Robson, Queensland National Union of Student education committee member and a Resistance member.

Strategies for women's liberation will be discussed in a feature panel "Time to get angry again — women's rights under attack".

The weekend will conclude by considering the way for working-class and progressive forces to move ahead with a discussion of socialist strategy into the next century.

Among the wide range of topics covered by workshops at the conference are "From Kurdistan to Kosova: US imperialism today" and "Asian economies in crisis: an eyewitness account".

All interested in participating or wanting to find out more about the conference are invited to obtain a full agenda and register by contacting the Brisbane Resistance Centre (see page 2 for contact details).