Brisbane plans walkout for April 29


By Ruth Ratcliffe

BRISBANE — Resistance and Jabiluka Action Group (JAG) activists are planning a combined high school and tertiary student walkout to protest against the Jabiluka uranium mine on April 29.

The national day of protest was initiated by the National Union of Students. The walkout was announced at the recent Palm Sunday demonstration by Resistance high school activist Amy Coolwell.

Coolwell explained, "Young people are incredibly angry that such a racist and environmentally destructive profit-seeking venture is being pushed onto us".

Coolwell, who was involved in last year's high school walkouts against racism, said, "The Jabiluka mine incites the same kind of response from young people as does Hanson and Howard's racism. We hope to see many of those young people on the streets on April 29."

Resistance and JAG will be holding stalls and organising meetings in the lead-up to April 29. Phone 3254 0565 to get involved.