By Dot Tumney The Kumarangk Legal Defence Fund (KLDF) has re-launched a web site dealing with 10 defamation cases against 18 people and organisations in relation to the Hindmarsh Island bridge affair. Members of the local Ngarrindjeri Aboriginal
The army's new manual, Fundamentals of Land Warfare, suggests two uses for the organisation: “The Army provides expeditionary forces to support Australia's national interests offshore and territorial forces to protect Australian sovereignty.”
A day in the life, on Georgia's death row #1 "I am sorry about the stamps, but authorizing an attorney phone call ... is not in my realm of authority. I did call the store to see what the problem is; they told me the post office does not have any 1
Heroin hypocrisy: why politicians punish the victims By Sue Boland The 1997 United Nations' World Drug Report shows Australian government spending on policing drug use was 14 times that for drug treatment and more than eight times that for drug
By Norm Dixon Nigeria's corrupt and brutal military — which has ruled Africa's most populous country with an iron fist almost continuously since independence — has succeeded in placing its favoured candidate, former military dictator Olusegun
SA public servants intensify action By Melanie Sjoberg ADELAIDE — Two hundred state public servants walked off the job on March 4 in response to the standing down of two Public Service Association (PSA) members over their participation in
Indonesian political prisoners may be pardoned Stop press: Indonesian political prisoners may be pardoned Following the registration of the People's Democratic Party (PRD) for the June 7 Indonesian general election (see article page 18),
By Melanie Sjoberg ADELAIDE — Around 80 people left the Adelaide Hills with concrete campaigning plans following the third SA United Trades and Labor Council (UTLC)-organised Summer School on February 26-28. Among the speakers was Kathryn Heiler
A ghost or a spirit? BulworthDirected by and starring Warren BeattyAlso starring Halle BerryShowing in most major cinemas Review by Jonathan Singer Fact: Bulworth is a good — a very good — movie. Fact: It is one you should definitely see.
Nationalists in Portadown are seeking support across Ireland in an effort to end eight months of sectarian violence against their community. Violence flared after a rally on February 19 at which Orange district spokesperson David Jones threatened his
By Dick Nichols Federal treasurer Peter Costello has announced that a 5% official unemployment rate is now feasible. Have Costello and industrial relations minister Peter Reith, the ministers who cut $1.5 billion from labour market programs and
The following is an abridged version of a February 24 statement by JOSE RAMOS-HORTA on Indonesia-orchestrated violence in East Timor. There is abundant information concerning the Indonesian-instigated violence in East Timor. Gangs of youth,
Organising against 'nuclear capitalism' By Edward Skimmerhorn HOBART — Democratic Socialist Party spokesperson Tony Iltis discussed the political economy of the nuclear industry at a "Politics in the Wholefood Shop" forum on March 2. Iltis, who
Political prisoner sends greetings on IWD Following is the text of an International Women's Day message to Australian activists from Indonesia's only woman political prisoner, DITA SARI. Sari, a leader of the People's Democratic Party, is serving a
By Barry Sheppard Five workers atop a 100-foot oil tower were engulfed in flames at the Tosco refinery in Martinez in the San Francisco Bay Area on February 23. One worker was killed outright, three died after days of acute agony and another is in
By Jane Armanasco PERTH — On February 27, more than 150 people braved sweltering heat to protest against environmental destruction. The main demands of the rally, which was organised by Resistance, were: Stop the logging of old-growth forests!


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