Forest activists meet SYDNEY — Around 1000 people attended the Big Forest Meeting at Town Hall on February 28. Sponsored by the NSW Forest Alliance, speakers included Ian Cohen and Bob Brown from the Greens and conservation groups'
Political prisoner sends greetings on IWD Following is the text of an International Women's Day message to Australian activists from Indonesia's only woman political prisoner, DITA SARI. Sari, a leader of the People's Democratic Party, is serving a
By Barry Sheppard Five workers atop a 100-foot oil tower were engulfed in flames at the Tosco refinery in Martinez in the San Francisco Bay Area on February 23. One worker was killed outright, three died after days of acute agony and another is in
By Jane Armanasco PERTH — On February 27, more than 150 people braved sweltering heat to protest against environmental destruction. The main demands of the rally, which was organised by Resistance, were: Stop the logging of old-growth forests!
SYDNEY — Green Left Weekly's LUCY HONEY and KYLIE MOON spoke to RIZAN NADIR, a member of the Committee in Defence of Iraqi Women (CDIW) who lives in Sydney, about the conditions women face in Iraq today. "Women in Iraq have no rights over their
Too many parties? By Dick Nichols SYDNEY — In the 1995 NSW election there were a record 27 parties standing for the Legislative Council, the upper house of parliament. This year, with 92 parties registered under state electoral laws, a new
By Mark Abberton MELBOURNE — The Student Unionism Network (SUN) is at a crossroads in its planning for the Victorian day of action against "voluntary student unionism" (VSU) on March 31. SUN has pressured the Victorian branch of the National
By Zanny Begg On May 10, 1968, thousands of students and police clashed on the streets of Paris in the infamous "night of the barricades". The night has come to symbolise, with fear by conservatives and enthusiasm by radicals, the revolutionary
Sydney universities strike By Tyrion Perkins SYDNEY — A National Tertiary Education Union members' meeting at Sydney University on March 3 resolved to test the vice-chancellor Gavin Brown's recent promise to speed up enterprise bargaining
The postmodern condition 'Tis a matter of some conjecture in those circles within which I am sometimes known to loop, that one must acquaint oneself of all the contemporary theories. That they are modern is nowadays not enough. To warrant one's
Unsuccessful suit makes women pay In the longest medical legal case in Australia's history, a suit against Nutrasweet, makers of the Copper-7 IUD (intra-uterine device), was lost on February 22. Nine women who used the Copper-7 IUD contraceptive
By Aaron Benedek To defeat the federal "voluntary student unionism" (VSU) legislation it is essential that the student movement launch a campaign immediately. Despite many students having heard of VSU, it is clear that many do not understand what
Sally Bowen, 1918-1999 Sally Bowen — Communist, peace activist, environmentalist, health worker, feminist and life-long fighter for social justice and working people's rights — passed away in Wollongong on February 25. A former farmhand,
Victorian ALP factional conflict By Vannessa Hearman MELBOURNE — The Victorian Labor Party's factional conflict became "public" at its state conference on February 27-28. About 20 delegates walked out during opposition leader John Brumby's
Getting the word out about cultural activism By Dave Riley Scott M.X. Turner describes himself as a "punk rock/trad Irish/reggae guitarist and singer". The mix may seem a strange one, but Turner's approach to his music is far from eclectic. When
By Chris Latham Since President Suharto resigned last May the repression in Indonesia has continued. At least 15 students have been killed, 15 students remain "disappeared" — suspected dead — and a another 10 students remain imprisoned. In


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