MOHAMMED ISSA is president of the Afghan Watan Party. He was interviewed in Brussels on February 10 by AMJAD AYUB for the Pakistani Marxist news magazine Struggle. The following is abridged from that interview. Question: What is the present
By Nick Fredman LISMORE — EarthSave, a relatively new party contesting the March 27 NSW election has been accused by a group of former members of hiding a reactionary agenda beneath a progressive veneer. The disaffected supporters have alleged
By Andy Gianniotis The side effects of living in such a deeply alienated society, ruled by an irrational capitalist system, add up to probably the best possible argument for socialism. And we talk about these side effects a lot. We talk about all
By Lisa Young GLASGOW — If I had to pick one word to describe the first conference of the Scottish Socialist Party (SSP) on February 22, it would be "inspirational". More than 200 people from all over Scotland — some long-time activists and
Facts that speak for themselves 84% of government drug spending is to police drug use; 6% on treatment; and 10% on education. 83% of people are in prison for drug-related crimes. There are only 21 juvenile detoxification centres in Australia
Like a politician's speech "To explain those words can make them more obscure." — Tony Branigan, executive director of the Federation of Australian Commercial Television Stations, on regulations limiting when "gratuitous" or "exploitative" nudity
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In defence of 'throwback' unionism By Chris Spindler MELBOURNE — Eight months ago, the Workers First team won the leadership of the Victorian branch of the Australian Manufacturing Workers Union (AMWU). Workers First's platform
'Forward ever, backward never!' — 20th anniversary of the Grenadian Revolution By Kamala Emanuel "Sisters and brothers. At 4.15 this morning, the People's Revolutionary Army seized control of the army barracks at True Blue. The barracks were
A nostalgic company history of Australian Stalinism The Reds By Stuart Macintyre Allen & Unwin, 1998. $49.95.  Review by Bob Gould Stuart Macintyre is a competent historian where either his past Althusserian
By Norm Dixon Lawyers representing Abdullah Ocalan, the leader of the Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK) abducted by Turkish commandos in league with US intelligence agencies, say he is being psychologically tortured and denied his legal rights. The
By Liam Mitchell and Vannessa Hearman The issue of possible international involvement in an independent East Timor dominated the discussion at an Action in Solidarity with Indonesia and East Timor (ASIET) seminar titled "East Timor: the way
By James Balowski In a surprise turn of events, on February 24 it was announced that the People's Democratic Party (PRD) has been officially registered as a political party. Earlier, the body overseeing the election registrations had "postponed" a
Strike at Sun Metals By Bill Mason BRISBANE — A strike by more than 1000 workers has halted construction of the $1.2 billion Sun Metals Zinc Refinery, south of Townsville. The action is over workers' right to choose their unions. A meeting of
Coalition attack on student unions unveiled By Wendy Robertson After two months of shadow-boxing, federal education minister David Kemp has "leaked" the proposed "voluntary student unionism" (VSU) legislation. It is expected that the legislation
By John Tomlinson The Coalition government's announcement last month that young people's unemployment payments will be decreased if they "continue to remain illiterate and innumerate" leaves many wondering if Howard's concept of "mutual obligation"


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