Action updates


Action updates

Forest activists meet

SYDNEY — Around 1000 people attended the Big Forest Meeting at Town Hall on February 28. Sponsored by the NSW Forest Alliance, speakers included Ian Cohen and Bob Brown from the Greens and conservation groups' representatives.

There was general agreement among participants that the ALP had sold out on the forests issue, and should not be supported in the March 27 state election. The NSW Forest Alliance can be contacted on (02) 9283 2004.

Feminism and socialism seminar

MELBOURNE — The Democratic Socialist Party and Resistance are holding their annual Feminism and Socialism seminar on March 13. This educational seminar for activists will examine the breadth of feminist activism and the particular challenges the women's movement faces today.

The relevance of Marxist feminism in the late 1990s, and the hot debate about patriarchy and class in the oppression of women will be explored in detail. "Women, feminism and the trade union movement" will give a historical perspective on women workers and the panel on "Sexism and the education system" will examine gender discrimination in schooling and propose an egalitarian alternative.

The seminar will discuss possibilities for an abortion rights campaign this year, and will end with a variety of feminist short films exploring body image and the struggles of women. See the listing on page 27 for details.

Forest Festival was huge

JUDBURY, Tasmania — An ugly clear-felled hill next to a pleasant section of the Huon River formed the backdrop to the Forest Festival in southern Tasmania from February 25 and March 3.

More than 1000 people attended the festival, which showcased progressive performers, speakers and stalls. The campaign against the Jabiluka uranium mine was highlighted by speakers from Everyone for a Nuclear Free Future.

Reclaim the streets planned

HOBART — About 150 people demonstrated against pollution on March 4 in Franklin Square. The action became an extended sit-in on a busy Macquarie St intersection.

A vibrant atmosphere was created with music, dancing and banners as protesters weaved between cars in defiance of police attempts to clear the streets. While the action did not have a clear political focus, activists delighted in taking over the street and scores of secondary students watched or participated. Police arrested six people.