The following statement is being circulated by Action in Solidarity with Indonesia and East Timor (ASIET) for endorsement. The time has come for the Australian Coalition government to withdraw all support for the corrupt New Order regime in
It's that time of the year again ... the cold, the wind, the rain and the federal budget. While Howard, Reith and Costello may chirp and gloat about the wonders of their latest big business budget, for most of us it will mean more of the same hard
Correction A small typing error crept into my article about Paul Robeson in GLW #317 and, unfortunately, I can't blame the sub-editing; it was all my own work. As stated, Robeson was the first artist to sing at the Sydney Opera House, to the
By Kerryn Williams MELBOURNE — More than 100 people attended a debate organised by the Melbourne University Debating Society on May 13, on the issue of whether Victoria should follow the WA path of abortion law reform. The pro-choice team was
By Arun Pradhan MELBOURNE — More than 1000 people crammed into Chisolm Hall for the Yellowcake Dance Party on May 9. DJs and performers raised more than $5000 for the Jabiluka Action Fund. Posters for the event highlighted the dangers of uranium
By Norm Dixon In 1994, the United Nations was warned of the Rwandan Hutu chauvinist government's impending genocide against the Tutsi minority and anti-tribalist Hutus three months before it began in April — yet ordered its "peacekeepers" in the
Compiled by James Balowski July-October, 1997 — The rupiah starts to crumble. Jakarta abolishes managed exchange rate system and asks IMF for assistance; a US$43 billion package is announced. January 6, 1998 — Indonesia announces 1998-99
Analysis "When we analyse the problem, we find he [Suharto] is the problem." — A University of North Sumatra lecturer, on the Indonesian president. No comparison "It's a waste management facility. There is no comparison between it and a tip."
Bothy CultureMartyn BennettRykodisc through FestivalThis Strange PlaceWolfstoneGreen Linnett Records through Festival Reviews by Barry Healy From Bob Dylan's amphetaminecharged '60s ballads and the Beatles' and Jimi Hendrix's LSD-drenched anthems,
Pakistani working class begins to stir By Farooq Sulehria On May 5 Pakistani workers observed a two-hour strike at the call of the Pakistan Workers Confederation, which groups eight major federations. The call was given by PWC under immense
By James Vassilopoulos The small funding boost for some health programs in the federal budget will not address the massive cuts that occurred in the Coalition's 1996 budget. Nor will it provide the expansion that is needed in the public health
Biology as ideology "Why is it that wealthy old men seem to attract beautiful young women?", asks well-known Australian scientist and author Paul Davies. He answers: "something deeply biological is involved ... the battle of the sexes is just
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