It's that time of the year again ... the cold, the wind, the rain and the federal budget. While Howard, Reith and Costello may chirp and gloat about the wonders of their latest big business budget, for most of us it will mean more of the same hard
Lively May Day in Lisbon By Margarita Windisch LISBON — Around 30,000 enthusiastic people marched on a gloriously sunny May 1 to show their strength as workers, activists and dedicated union members. Contingents of unions, political parties and
The following statement is being circulated by Action in Solidarity with Indonesia and East Timor (ASIET) for endorsement. The time has come for the Australian Coalition government to withdraw all support for the corrupt New Order regime in
Travels in East Timor Peter Williamson visited East Timor last year, around the time of the installation of the first bishop of Baucau. Here he describes what he saw.   Arriving in Dili on a domestic flight from Bali, I am
Analysis "When we analyse the problem, we find he [Suharto] is the problem." — A University of North Sumatra lecturer, on the Indonesian president. No comparison "It's a waste management facility. There is no comparison between it and a tip."
Bill Gates, president of Microsoft, is worth $48.9 billion, based on Microsoft's current stock price. The following information helps us mere mortals appreciate how much that is (all references in US dollars): Bill is worth $3,591,207,000 more than
Compiled by James Balowski July-October, 1997 — The rupiah starts to crumble. Jakarta abolishes managed exchange rate system and asks IMF for assistance; a US$43 billion package is announced. January 6, 1998 — Indonesia announces 1998-99
By Reihana Mohideen MANILA — A split in the Communist Party of the Philippines has recently been made public by the circulation of several statements. The split revolves around directives issued by the CPP leadership faction around Wilma Tiamzon
By Dave Riley The New York-based Irish Echo spoke for many critics of the peace deal Sinn Féin has decided to endorse when it pointed out that the party had agreed to something it had told its supporters it would never accept — partition.
Portraying the stolen generations In the interest of BennelongGovernment House, Macquarie Street, SydneyMay 26-June 4, 10am-4pm This display of photographs, text and indigenous art evoking the issues affecting the stolen generations and their
By Max Lane The rubber stamp People's Consultative Assembly (MPR) appointment in March of Suharto as president for another five years was the trigger that escalated a wave of student demonstrations which spread right around Indonesia. These
By Mathew Chamberlain. Progressive politics were the source of inspiration for 17 Rockhampton residents who met, ate and discussed plans for future Resistance campaigns in the town on May 10. The barbeque officially welcomed Green Left Weekly to
Nationalise the wharves! By Dick Nichols Imagine that we have just woken up and all of Peter Reith's dreams about waterfront “reform” have come true. How much do we “average” Australians stand to gain from it all?  
By Süren Sündergaard COPENHAGEN — After 36 hours of debate, the Danish parliament on May 7 passed a law to end to the 11-day private sector general strike. The minority government led by the Social Democratic Prime Minister Poul Nyrup
A tale in two cities Reviews by Conrad Barrett Two films dealing with working-class alienation and its symptoms have just been released in major cinemas. One set in London, the other in suburban Australia, both deal with drugs, crime and violence
By Jon Land The United States Department of Defence announced on May 8 that it was suspending the Joint Combined Exchange and Training (JCET) exercises held with the Indonesian armed forces. A department spokesperson said the suspension was not


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