By Sonny Melencio and Reihana Mohideen [This is an abridged version of a statement originally published in Filipino on January 15 and circulated amongst the mass organisations of the broad democratic front Sanlakas.] The scenario of the 1930s
Shame Shame on you for publishing Mark Stoyich's appalling piece of vintage homophobia dressed up as a review ("Why are Gay Plays so Bad?", GLW #306). I found it hard to understand why you wanted to publish something that resembles the platform of
Two political prisoners released By Kylie Moon JAKARTA — Two members of Indonesia's People's Democratic Party (PRD), Ignatius Putut Ariantoko and Victor Da Costa, were released on February 8 after spending 18 months in Cipinang Prison.
The Seven Steps to MercyIarla O LionairdReal World Records through Festival Review by Barry Healy One of oldest forms of Irish singing is the sean nos (literally "in the old style"), which has severely declined since the great English invasions
The mail doesn't go through By Brandon Astor Jones Green Left Weekly has lately not been finding its way to me here at the Georgia Diagnostic and Classification Prison. I have no doubt that it is being sent to me as regular as clockwork. In
By Angela Walker Journalists, Aboriginal people and others gathered at the High Court in Canberra on February 6 were astonished to hear Dr Gavan Griffith, QC for the government, defend the validity of the 1997 Hindmarsh Island Bridge Act by arguing
Viva Timor Freedom fighters on dark shadowed island.Righteous men and women confronting theEnemy with courage, tenacity and truth.They face death and incarceration daily.Indonesian justice inflicts seven years gaol forLevelling charges of invasion,
By Zanny Begg The final report of the West review of higher education is to be released in late March. Interim reports have been filled with catchy slogans about a "fresh vision for higher education" that will take students "into the third
By Eva Cheng Six of the most powerful countries — the US, Germany, France, Britain, Canada and Italy — put more pressure on Japan to take concrete steps to ease Asia's economic crisis when they met on February 21 under the auspices of the Group
Students join the fight against the system By Sarah Peart Last week, more than 350 university students around the country joined the socialist youth organisation Resistance during orientation weeks. Angry about the injustices caused by the
Faces of Hate: Hate Crime in AustraliaEdited by Chris Cunneen, David Fraser & Stephen TomsenHawkins Press, 1997. 272 pp., $25 (pb) Review by Stuart Russell Australia has witnessed an upsurge in the incidence of hate crime and hate speech,
By Francesca Davis "Australia has signed the Ottawa treaty to ban landmines, but has yet to ratify the convention and begin the destruction of our own stockpile of landmines. The time has come for Australia to back its words with action." So said
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