HOWARD JONES is the university research professor and chairperson of the University of Alabama's College of Arts and Sciences (Department of History) at the Tuscaloosa campus. He is author of Mutiny on the Amistad: The Saga of a Slave Revolt and its
By Norm Dixon Despite grudging acceptance of the agreement between UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan and Iraq President Saddam Hussein over UN weapons inspections, Washington is continuing its preparations for a massive air strike. President Bill
The mail doesn't go through By Brandon Astor Jones Green Left Weekly has lately not been finding its way to me here at the Georgia Diagnostic and Classification Prison. I have no doubt that it is being sent to me as regular as clockwork. In
Indonesian activists disappear as protests spread By Max Lane Anti-government demonstrations continue in Indonesia despite the military's declaration that it will suppress any protests that take place before the March 6-11 sitting of the People's
By Jim Anderton WELLINGTON — Responsibility for Auckland's power crisis belongs to the government because it made profit, not public service, the sole focus of the power companies. How could the entire central business district of New Zealand's
Students join the fight against the system By Sarah Peart Last week, more than 350 university students around the country joined the socialist youth organisation Resistance during orientation weeks. Angry about the injustices caused by the
Smoke SmokeCovering thousands of square milesChoking millions of people.The government blames the peasantsThen they blame the timber merchantsThen they blame the weather MeanwhileThe lungs of the planetare pollutedBy governments and loggersBy
By David Bacon DAVAO, Philippines — For two months, the banana groves in four of Dole Corporation's principal Philippine plantations have been uncharacteristically silent. Almost 2000 Dole farm workers have refused to cut a single banana for the
By James Balowski Responding to hints by President Suharto that B.J. Habibie was his preferred choice for vice-president, the January 22 Sydney Morning Herald ran a background piece on Habibie titled "As 'Dr Strangelove' rises, the rupiah falls
By Norm Dixon On February 21, another 63 children were buried in Iraq, more victims of a vicious weapon that has taken the lives of more than 1 million children and sick and elderly people. Estimates of the toll vary from 1 million to 1.7 million
WA unionists: MUA support vital By Roberto Jorquera and Iggy Kim PERTH — The Western Australian branch of the Maritime Union of Australia, in conjunction with the WA Trades and Labour Council and various other unions, protested outside the
By John Tomlinson Sectional interests can gain interim advantage over other less powerful sectional interests. Disability lobby groups can succeed in getting government to advance the interests of those with a disability over the unemployed and
The Senate and Wik Parliament resumes sitting this week, so the government's Wik bill, the 10-point plan to undermine and destroy native title rights, will shortly again be before the Senate. The Senate's expected insistence on amending the bill is
By Russell Pickering CANBERRA — The Democratic Socialists tripled their 1995 election result in the ACT election on February 21. It was the first time the Democratic Socialist name had appeared on the ballot paper in the ACT. With 80% of the
Unionists discuss strategy for fight back By Michael Bull MELBOURNE — "What strategy and tactics for unions today?" was the title of a timely forum sponsored by Green Left Weekly and the Democratic Socialist Party on February 24. The speakers
The Seven Steps to MercyIarla O LionairdReal World Records through Festival Review by Barry Healy One of oldest forms of Irish singing is the sean nos (literally "in the old style"), which has severely declined since the great English invasions


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