Smoke SmokeCovering thousands of square milesChoking millions of people.The government blames the peasantsThen they blame the timber merchantsThen they blame the weather MeanwhileThe lungs of the planetare pollutedBy governments and loggersBy
By David Bacon DAVAO, Philippines — For two months, the banana groves in four of Dole Corporation's principal Philippine plantations have been uncharacteristically silent. Almost 2000 Dole farm workers have refused to cut a single banana for the
By John Tomlinson Sectional interests can gain interim advantage over other less powerful sectional interests. Disability lobby groups can succeed in getting government to advance the interests of those with a disability over the unemployed and
By Norm Dixon On February 21, another 63 children were buried in Iraq, more victims of a vicious weapon that has taken the lives of more than 1 million children and sick and elderly people. Estimates of the toll vary from 1 million to 1.7 million
WA unionists: MUA support vital By Roberto Jorquera and Iggy Kim PERTH — The Western Australian branch of the Maritime Union of Australia, in conjunction with the WA Trades and Labour Council and various other unions, protested outside the
Unionists discuss strategy for fight back By Michael Bull MELBOURNE — "What strategy and tactics for unions today?" was the title of a timely forum sponsored by Green Left Weekly and the Democratic Socialist Party on February 24. The speakers
The Senate and Wik Parliament resumes sitting this week, so the government's Wik bill, the 10-point plan to undermine and destroy native title rights, will shortly again be before the Senate. The Senate's expected insistence on amending the bill is
By Russell Pickering CANBERRA — The Democratic Socialists tripled their 1995 election result in the ACT election on February 21. It was the first time the Democratic Socialist name had appeared on the ballot paper in the ACT. With 80% of the
Two political prisoners released By Kylie Moon JAKARTA — Two members of Indonesia's People's Democratic Party (PRD), Ignatius Putut Ariantoko and Victor Da Costa, were released on February 8 after spending 18 months in Cipinang Prison.
Inside the belly of the beast When the first issue of Green Left Weekly hit the streets just over seven years ago, the United States was leading "Desert Storm", the bloody military attack on Iraq. Sanitised and censored news reports in the mass
The Seven Steps to MercyIarla O LionairdReal World Records through Festival Review by Barry Healy One of oldest forms of Irish singing is the sean nos (literally "in the old style"), which has severely declined since the great English invasions
By Zanny Begg The final report of the West review of higher education is to be released in late March. Interim reports have been filled with catchy slogans about a "fresh vision for higher education" that will take students "into the third
Just Add Jesus Just add Jesus for instant art,to pad that novel, to nail the charts,Christ'll ride tall again and again inthe soapy saddle of pop art pain.Inspiration at an ebb?dust off that bible under your bed,to one teaspoon of sacred heart adda
By Eva Cheng Six of the most powerful countries — the US, Germany, France, Britain, Canada and Italy — put more pressure on Japan to take concrete steps to ease Asia's economic crisis when they met on February 21 under the auspices of the Group
Union threatens stoppage in Illawarra By Andrew Hall WOLLONGONG — Unionists and their supporters have been picketing outside GrainCorp's Pivot fertiliser plant at Port Kembla after workers were sacked without notice on February 1. The long-term
By Pip Hinman Every week they gather to intimidate and harass women entering or leaving the clinic. Armed with blown-up pictures of 30-week-plus foetuses and illustrations designed to upset all but medical and nursing students, the anti-choice


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