New Zealand inspectors find hypocrisy


New Zealand inspectors find hypocrisy

By Keith Locke

WELLINGTON— Actions continue here to get New Zealand troops out of the Gulf and the sanctions on Iraq lifted.

On February 23, a multinational team, UNWIT (the Universal Women's Inspection Team) arrived at NZ's parliamentary palace (the Beehive Building) for a surprise inspection for the presence of chemicals and levels of hypocrisy, after a trial run the previous day at the US embassy building.

During the previous day's trial, the UNWIT meter detected unprecedented levels of hypocrisy whenever US officials used phrases like "respecting UN resolutions", "possession of weapons of mass destruction" and "Saddam has lied to the world".

During the chemical inspection of the parliamentary palace, the UNWIT inspectors focussed on the stocking of cleaning fluids and medical supplies, which have been denied to the people of Iraq for the past seven years.