By Ben Reid and Jo Williams MELBOURNE — Members of the National Tertiary Education and Industry Union (NTEU) at Melbourne University on April 9 voted by a narrow margin to accept an administration offer in the current round of enterprise
Sydney rally agains racism SYDNEY — Up to 1500 people attended a rally against racism at Hyde Park on April 12. Protesters came from as far afield as Cabramatta and Bankstown to demand an end to the government's racist attacks on migrants and
Actively Radical TV — Sydney community television's progressive current affairs producers tackle the hard issues from the activist's point of view. CTS Sydney (UHF 31), every Thursday, 10pm, and Saturday, 7pm. Access News — Melbourne
General secretary Vickramabahu "Bahu" Karunarathne and two other members of the New Sama Samaja Party (NSSP) have been detained by police in connection with an arms cache police claim to have discovered in a building housing the Health Workers Trade
Indonesians to boycott rigged elections By Max Lane The militant section of the Indonesian pro-democracy movement has launched a campaign to galvanise the general sentiment to boycott the May 29 general elections into an active movement to
@letter head = Moral posturing What a lot of gutless Torquemadas, these pseudo States Rights politicians in their recent bill to prolong the agony and suffering of the dying — all their moral posturing, merely to feed their own eccentric
China plans to shrink state sector further The leaders of the Communist Party of China have arrived at a "unified view" on further reducing the weight of the state sector in the economy, according to Fan Hengshan, a senior official of China's
Analytical Marxism: A CritiqueBy Marcus RobertsVerso, 1996. 268 pp., $39.95 Review by Neville Spencer Probably most Marxists would barely have heard of Analytical Marxism. However, within those academic circles which still maintain some
By Stephen O'Brien NEWCASTLE — Community activists are organising an alternative to the "Pathways to Sustainability" conference, which will be held here on June 1-5. The official event, one of a series of international follow-ups to the Rio de
Every Secret Thing: My Family, My CountryBy Gillian SlovoLittle, Brown & Company, 1997282 pp., $35 (hb) Review by Phil Shannon Gillian Slovo, born the daughter of Communist parents Ruth First and Joe Slovo in 1952 in South Africa, always felt
Only BMW drivers are human? "My wife is not obliged to withdraw from the human race because you will attack her." — Victorian treasurer Alan Stockdale, replying to opposition questions about his wife being given free use of a BMW for a year;
By Andy Gianniotis SYDNEY — The University of Sydney Senate met on April 7 to decide whether to introduce up-front fees for undergraduate places from 1998. Within hours of university reconvening from the Easter break, more than 500 students
By Eva Cheng In an act of defiance towards Beijing, Taipei test-fired two US-made surface-to-sea missiles on April 1, two days after China's President Jiang Zeming offered Taipei leaders a vice-presidential position in exchange for their
By June McKay CANBERRA — Electioneering by national officer incumbents in Australia's largest union, the Community and Public Sector Union (CPSU), shifted into full swing in early April. In addition to finally preparing a response to national
Would socialism work?Would socialism work? By Dave Holmes Socialists condemn capitalism because it has failed the overwhelming mass of humanity in the most decisive way. It promises freedom, democracy and prosperity but spectacularly
Beijing curbs Hong Kong rights By Eva Cheng The Beijing-appointed chief executive of Hong Kong after the British withdrawal on July 1, Tung Chee-hwa, on April 9 announced plans to curtail basic democratic rights. Under the sweeping cover of


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