Action updates


Action updates

Call for Foster's boycott

MELBOURNE — The Ethical Investment Group has called for a boycott of Foster's beer and other Carlton United Brewery products because of the company's involvement in Burma. Foster's has been operating in Burma, with the permission of its military junta, since the early 1990s.

Pepsico, Carlsbad and Heineken have withdrawn from Burma in the past year in response to international pressure. Recently, Australia's STA Travel announced that it would no longer sell airline tickets or tours to Burma. For more information on the Foster's boycott campaign, contact Richard Samuels on (03) 9481 8726.

Open day at mourning site

SYDNEY — As part of Heritage Week, the National Aboriginal History and Heritage Council is sponsoring an open day at the 1938 Day of Mourning site (now the Mandolin Cinema), at 150 Elizabeth Street, on Wednesday, April 23, from noon to 3pm.

The program includes a viewing of the hall, an introductory talk by Jenny Munro, readings from heritage documents, music from Betty Little, Carolyn Mitchin and Ochre and a screening of the film Lousy Little Sixpence.

The historic site is still under threat of demolition; you can show support for its preservation by attending the open day.

East Timor refugee action

MELBOURNE — A free concert and rally will be held on April 20 to highlight the plight of 1360 East Timorese asylum seekers in Australia, most of whom have been awaiting the outcome of their applications for between two and seven years. The rally will begin at the Treasury Gardens and march to the offices of the Department of Immigration, where a refugee camp will be established. Supporters are encouraged to bring along their sleeping gear.