By Renfrey Clarke and Boris Kagarlitsky MOSCOW — Every year in Moscow, despite resistance from the authorities and condemnation from the official press, mass demonstrations take place on November 7. The anniversary of the October revolution
Workers oppose PNG Telikom deregulation The Papua New Guinea Communications Workers Union will take industrial action to protect PNG's telecommunications utility, Telikom. A bill to remove Telikom's monopoly of telecommunications services and
By Graham Matthews and Chris Spindler In response to Pauline Hanson's racist outbursts, and John Howard's tacit support for her views, anti-racism activists have started organising against racial harassment and funding cuts to the Aboriginal and
By Norrian Rundle Despite promises of no more cuts, the Victorian government has announced another round of attacks on state schools. This time, no dollar value has been attached to the cuts. One hundred and thirteen schools have been targeted for
SBS Cyberwatch — Throughout November, SBS will screen 10 programs — films and documentaries — relating to the world's advancing technological systems. Cyberwatch will delve into high-tech animation, factual geometry, biotechnology, the science
Wilson led the Indonesians and East Timorese who climbed the fence of the Dutch Embassy on December 7, 1995 to protest the 1975 invasion of East Timor and call on the Jakarta regime to withdraw all military and police forces. He is also a national
By Leo Wellin Around the country, Community and Public Service Union members in Telstra are being asked to vote on a draft competency-based pay and training (CBP&T) agreement which unashamedly aims to deliver "commercial outcomes of improved
By Kylie Moon and Sonny Witnall HOBART — On October 22 at 5.40pm, four Aboriginal people were arrested in Franklin Square. The excessive violence used against two of those arrested was caught on home video. The footage was distributed to the
By Eva Cheng On September 15, 12,000 people took to the streets in Hong Kong to protest Tokyo's recent manoeuvres to renew claims over the Diaoyu islands (called Senkaku by Japan). Ownership of these islands, 200 km north-east of Taiwan, has been
Win at Student Assistance Centre By Jen Crothers SYDNEY — At a time when victories in the pubic service are few and far between, a group of workers at Blacktown Student Assistance Centre have had a win. Since the federal budget, and the loss of


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