Rap from the west


Death Defying Theatre
Reviewed by James Vassilopoulos

The danger project is a compilation of rap music by musicians and rappers from Sydney's western suburbs. It was developed after the Death Defying Theatre presented Hip Hopera 95.

The CD is full of young people getting out there and giving it a go. It has addictive harmonies, a wide range of tracks, city squeals, suburban samples and rawness. Performers include Dr No Good, Maria Mitar and South West Syndicate.

The raps are deeply embedded with social commentary about life in the west, including about sexism, men beating young peoples' "mamas, suicide and accepting yourself. It is refreshing that these up and coming rappers dont imitate the US.

My favourite tracks are Dr No Goods "Danger", with its catchy tune and mellow feel. And South West Syndicates "Definition of Danger", with its message of tolerance and anti-racism, and its rough, edgy anger.